‘The Krays’ – everything a fan could want in a gangster flick

The Krays is fascinating not just for what it includes in the retelling of the brothers lives but for the details the film’s writer Philip Ridley...

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‘A Cure for Wellness’ is exactly that

Upon first glance, 'A Cure for Wellness' comes off as harmless enough, but at the core of this bitter pill isn't the cleanse initially advertised, but...

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Tom Watches Movies: ‘The BFG’ Is a Rare Misstep from Steven Spielberg

'The BFG' is proof that even a director with a solid track record and years of experience can still make missteps. Awkward and plodding, it lacks...

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The Power of ‘Documentary Now!’

Although it does so as a friendly roast, 'Documentary Now!' ultimately speaks for the necessity and the inherent cultural power of the form.

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River's Edge

‘River’s Edge’ – shocking, unforgettable and a must see!

One of the most controversial indies of the 1980s, River’s Edge, drew its inspiration from a notorious real-life murder which took place in...

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Halo Wars 2

‘Halo Wars 2’ Review – King of the (mole) hill

The events of the original Halo Wars took place 21 years prior to those of Halo: Combat Evolved, and the game concluded with the crew of the UNSC...

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Is There a Future for Mobile AAA Titles?

In the year 2017, according to Google, there are 6,880,000,000+ mobile devices in use. Suffice it to say there is a rather large install base for...

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