Kate and Simon return to break down the behind-the-scenes extras on the S3 DVD set, among other topics.

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 5) Get N or Get Out

The success of Nintendo's handhelds would inspire the latest generation of portable gaming, the Nintendo DS

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17 Years Later - Gather some friends. Roll the dice. Play some mini-games. Collect some coins. Buy some Stars. Become the Super-Star.

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‘Not so Final Fantasy’ – The Series Turns 30

With that in mind, today's article – which will almost certainly be the last NSFF of the year – pays tribute to the original Final Fantasy.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Level by Level: Luncheon Kingdom

As I already have with Super Mario 64, I will examine each of Super Mario Odyssey’s kingdoms in an attempt to glean insight into their stumbles and successes. In this entry, I will be taking a look at the game’s eleventh course -- Luncheon Kingdom.

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Nintendo has had a massive comeback in 2017, but can they keep up the momentum through next year as well? Let's take a look.

The Broodals are the Worst Villains in ‘Super Mario’ History

The Koopa King’s newest underlings, the Broodals, are easily the weakest of the entire franchise.