This era would become the interlude between different Nintendo approaches, which by the end, Nintendo would decide not to compete directly with its competitors.

‘Not so Final Fantasy’ – The Series Turns 30

With that in mind, today's article – which will almost certainly be the last NSFF of the year – pays tribute to the original Final Fantasy.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Level by Level: Luncheon Kingdom

As I already have with Super Mario 64, I will examine each of Super Mario Odyssey’s kingdoms in an attempt to glean insight into their stumbles and successes. In this entry, I will be taking a look at the game’s eleventh course -- Luncheon Kingdom.

How Can Nintendo Keep Momentum Going in 2018?

Nintendo has had a massive comeback in 2017, but can they keep up the momentum through next year as well? Let's take a look.

Buffyversed #41: ‘Homecoming’ is More Fun Than it Has Any Right To Be

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has never been a stranger to taking classic high school situations and framing them through a supernatural lens. However, with that said, what's so great about "Homecoming" is how close it comes to being a typical high school movie from the '90s.

‘The Champion’s Ballad’: More Sweet Zelda Music

One of the biggest surprises at this year’s game awards was the full reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s 2nd DLC pack; The Champion’s Ballad.

50 Years Later: What We Can Take From ‘Valley of the Dolls’

'Valley of the Dolls' may be reduced to “trashiness,” but we’d be denying its skill and sensitivity - and perhaps the value of trash.

The Broodals are the Worst Villains in ‘Super Mario’ History

The Koopa King’s newest underlings, the Broodals, are easily the weakest of the entire franchise.