Many people have given up their social lives for the foreseeable future due to the release of the Nintendo Switch, their new adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has left them with no choice but to render all other activities obsolete. That being said, the journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. The new Zelda is proving to be the toughest one yet, and as a result, there have been numerous ways in which we’ve all met our fate. Here are ten ways we’ve all met Darmani in the afterlife:

breath of the wild

1. Falling

It’s easy to run ‘wild’ when you first wake from your slumber. Unfortunately, much of the land consists of mountains and cliffs, becoming quite the hazard for the clumsy. Likewise, before you get your paraglider, misjudging how far you can fall results in the Game Over screen coming sooner than you wished for. Even after you’ve got your paraglider, falling doesn’t become any less likely.  Lose your stamina whilst climbing and then you’ll drop faster than a deku seed from a deku tree.

2. Freezing

The Keh Namut Shrine, a place to master Cryonis and other ice related activities. However, getting there will teach you all you need to know about ice, especially how it results in a quick demise.  To prevent succumbing to the blizzardous weather, you must either eat spicy food or walk with a lit torch, both of which would still not save you from the cold heart of Muzu the grumpy Zora.

3. Laserbeam

Usually, such sorcery is confined to the final half of the game, but this is Breath of the Wild. It doesn’t take long, after arising from your short nap, to encounter a Decayed Guardian. They might look a little worse for wear, but one blast from its laser and you become quite the banquet for any bokoblin. You would think you’d learn your lesson the first time, but unfortunately, such lessons cannot be learned. Just be thankful the Happy Mask Salesman is about to greet you afterwards.

breath of the wild

4. Lightning

Prancing around on your horse with a metal sword swinging around in your hand might make you feel like Genghis Khan. Quite frankly, any opportunity for a cavalry charge is an opportunity to pass up. Unfortunately, the elements had another plan for you. One minute you’re looting moblins, the next you’re merely a rod for electricity to flow through. There’s a lesson here somewhere, but until we figure that out, be alert, lightning does strike twice.

5. Fire

There was once a time where we could casually walk from town to town without being maimed around the head by a moblin with a lit club.  At some point in the last 100 years, moblins have really grown a love for all things fire. They can be seen dancing around a campfire a lot of time, just waiting for a passerby to step too close to their fiery lair. If that isn’t hot enough, then take a chance on a fire-breathing lizalfos, their speed too makes them quite the opposition.

breath of the wild

6. Drowning

If there was ever a reason to increase your stamina meter, then drowning will surely convince you. Whether you’re trying to get to an island, or merely found yourself hungry for a fish, your stamina will soon deplete if you’re not careful. It’s quite the lesson to learn when you first drown, Link simply isn’t a quick swimmer even with the Zora tunic on.

breath of the wild

7. Explosives

Whether self-inflicted, or found yourself messing with the wrong foe, bombs are quite the hazardous weapon. Throwing a spherical bomb on a slope has some serious consequences, notably, it rolling back as you click to detonate it. The square bomb is a much safer option, a party trick for all your moblin guests. Just be sure to detonate it before they realize the fun that’s about to take hold.

breath of the wild

8. Moblins

Moblins and their bokoblin cousins have certainly strengthened in the last 100 years. Their training regime must have been intense and the results are there to witness. They seem to have mastered a range of weaponry; from your bows to your spears, from your bombs to your fists, and even developed a keen interest in equestrian.  They’re quite the challenge to take when you’re rewarded with a rusty broadsword from one of their chests. Stealth and a good bow is often a good tactic here; just don’t let them raise the alarm.

breath of the wild

9. Hinox

Often seen sleeping in their favorite spot, giving them a poke with a stick is just too much of a temptation. Unfortunately, these creatures are as strong as they are huge, and one swipe from their gigantic hands will leave you starting over. A bow or a boomerang is usually a savior in this situation. They’re not the quickest creatures, so use any obscure landmark to your advantage.

breath of the wild

10. Lynel

Probably the most devastating sub-boss in the open world. This half lion/half horse creature is quick, deadly, and just about everything you didn’t want to come across so early in the game. Their ability with the bow is better than yours, so a long-range attack is utterly hopeless. Your best bet is to get crushed by their axe instead, at least a decent shield will hold up once. Just don’t run away, you’re just inviting a quick Game Over.

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  • You missed out on burning to death with just one step.

  • Patrick

    If I’m not mistaken, drowning only takes a heart off, then puts you back where you first entered the water. If you do it enough to die from it, I have a feeling Hyrule police would rule that a suicide.