‘Monster Hunter World,”All Walls Must Fall,’ and ‘Dead Island’ Devs using Kickstarter – Fist Fight Ep. 3

Welcome to Fist Fight, Goombastomp’s newest podcast, made in collaboration with Quiet Stories. There are plenty of podcasts out there that cover the latest news and reviews, so why would we try and compete? Each week Chris (myself) and Casey talk about a single game. One of us argues why it is a great game worth playing, while the other tries to poke holes in their argument and play devil’s advocate. We then say goodbye to Casey for the second half of the show, while I sit down with an indie developer and discuss great titles you may not have heard of and game development tips.

This week on Fist Fight we get heated over Monster Hunter World and then interview some AAA developers who worked on Dead Island 2, but are now focused on their Xcom-like game, All Walls Must Fall. Find out what going indie and using Kickstarter taught them.

  1. Is Wolfenstein 2 Terrible? – Fist Fight Ep. 1
  2. Prey and Hidden Agenda are Worth Your Time – Fist Fight Ep. 2

You can find every episode at https://quietstoriesblog.com/ and https://www.goombastomp.com/

You can also get each episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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