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2 Years Later: My, How Goomba Stomp Has Grown

Goomba Stomp went through some massive changes its first year, going from the Nintendo-focused website that Editor-in-Chief Ricky D and I first worked our butts off to start, to including coverage of every major console, as well as the industry in general. This second year has seen less dramatic leaps, but we’ve kept growing nonetheless, adding new writers and editors who have been amazing additions to what has become a wonderful community in which to talk about the entertainments that we love so much.

That’s not the only place where GS has gotten bigger. There have been some notable expansions, my personal favorite being Sordid Cinema, our awesome movie section (that also I happen to be Editor of), where we have writers from all over the world covering the best (and sometimes worst) in film. Sordid Cinema goes out of its way to attend festivals both large and small, from TIFF to Sundance to the Brooklyn Horror festival and Fantasia, doing our best to critically evaluate the biggest releases, as well as provide exposure to undiscovered gems worthy of not being passed by. We also offer the kind of unique features and think pieces that remain Goomba Stomp’s bread and butter, leaving the news and gossip to the countless other sites. From the many podcasts, including the fantastic Twin Peaks-focused The Lodgers to TV Roundtable and our (former) flagship Sordid Cinema Podcast, Sordid Cinema just loves talking about TV and movies, so if you’re in the same boat, be sure to check it out! (And feel free to debate our totally right opinions.)

I’ll always remember Year Two for my first trip to E3, where I met fellow NXpress-er Tim Maison, as well as Game Boys co-host Ryan Kapioski. Though we’ve talked many times over Skype, it was fantastic to finally meet some of those I’d known for so long. Making these sorts of connections is a big part of what Goomba Stomp is all about, and hopefully the future will bring more of this incredibly charming, fun group together. We’re all here out of a desire to write and create discussion around our favorite games, movies, TV shows, etc — Goomba Stomp is a passion project, independently owned and operated — and moments like this can make all of the hard work staring at a laptop screen while proofing a 4000-word article completely worth it.

Two years is a long time for anything independent these days, and we’ve put a ton of effort into making this place one where writers can express their thoughts freely, and hopefully find a decent audience to share them with. Any longtime readers know we love anniversaries, so why not celebrate our own? (For those wondering about gifts, I believe cotton is the tradition. GS tees perhaps?)

Goomba Stomp is a major part of my life, as well as many others’, and I hope you all find something you like in what we do. We continue to work hard to try to provide perspectives different from the other gaming and movie websites out there, maintaining our focus on original coverage over recycled stories, chasing sincere interest instead of page clicks. It’s a ton of fun, and I look forward to what the future may bring. We also want to thank you readers for such great support, and hopefully we can keep you coming back!

-Patrick Murphy


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