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2017: Looking Back at Some of Goomba Stomp’s Best Nintendo Articles

Here is a collection of Nintendo articles, chosen by our staff, to highlight the fantastic year that Nintendo has had. Enjoy!



2017 has been a busy year for Nintendo, which has made it an equally busy year for the staff at Goomba Stomp covering Nintendo. Goomba Stomp has covered everything from The Nintendo Switch to nostalgic favorites such as Diddy Kong Racing. Here is a collection of Nintendo articles, chosen by our staff, to highlight the fantastic year that Nintendo has had. Enjoy!


Champions_(Breath_of_the_Wild)‘Breath of the Wild’ Isn’t Nintendo’s Crowning Achievement But a Gem in the Crown

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is easily the best game to have come out so far in 2017, and will more than likely rightfully claim Game of the Year and similar accolades come award season at the end of the year pretty unanimously.  While Breath of the Wild is the best game I’ve played in years, too many critics and fans have been over zealous when singing the game’s praises and lavishly raving about the title.  That may sound insane coming from a self-proclaimed Zelda fanatic, and I’m not arguing that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t a near flawless, playable work of art or that a ‘ten out of ten’ is an unmerited score for the game… (read the full article)

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ will leave you in a state of rapturous, awestruck bliss

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterclass in open-world design and with its release comes a true watershed moment in gaming history. The result is nothing less than magical. It artfully blends the best bits of the franchise’s thirty-plus year history and produces a sandbox so full of mystery and so full of adventure, it could take you well over 100 hours to uncover most of its secrets. There’s just so much to do that publishing a full review this early would do the game an injustice. What we have here is the most ambitious title in the history of the franchise; an epic journey that quivers with anticipation, wonder, surprise and excitement. It never gets old. It never gets tiring. There’s not a minute that goes by in which you’ll want to put down the controller because Breath of the Wild keeps players constantly curious and fascinated by the world around them. There’s truly something unusually, haunting and engrossing about the game and whatever your opinion on the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild is arguably one of the greatest games ever made… (read the full article)


‘Metroid Prime’: Dissection of a Masterpiece

There’s no question that Metroid Prime is an immersive and timeless masterpiece which is as well polished as any release by Nintendo. While the GameCube was known for classic games with timeless art styles, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerPrime is perhaps the only major game in Nintendo’s history that can tout timelessness as well as realistic graphical fidelity nearly fourteen years after its original release… (read the full article)

‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ Damn Well Lives Up To The Unsustainable Hype

The Metroid franchise deserves all, and any, praise it has received over the years, if only for launching a winning formula, and one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises. From the NES debut, to the Super Nintendo classic, to the underrated handheld entries, and the 3D debut, with the Prime series, the Metroid games have, for the most part, been providing fans with countless hours of high-quality entertainment. Nintendo’s sci-fi series helped pioneer the idea of non-linear exploration, and, even after 30 years, its influence on the industry is still felt. In the three-plus decades since Metroid first launched, there have been countless imitators, many forgotten and some beloved, yet despite the number of games that can trace their lineage back to Samus Aran’s first adventure, none, in this critic’s eyes, have come close to equaling the level of artistry found in the best of the Metroid series… (read the full article)


The Many Firsts of ‘Metroid Prime’

This is just a fraction of the overwhelming praise Metroid Prime received when it released this day, 15 years ago. After skipping the Nintendo 64 console entirely, fans were apprehensive about the franchise’s transition to first-person 3D, to say the least. However, those apprehensions were blown away upon the game’s release as they witnessed the title revolutionize the Metroid formula in such a way that still remained true to the series’ roots… (read the full article)

SuperMarioOdyssey2‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Review: Brilliantly Bodacious, Ingeniously Incredible

Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the most bombastically big video game release of this entire year (being rivaled only by another Nintendo home run: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild). With such an overwhelming degree of anticipation surrounding it, and knowledge that the probability of it failing to reach the lofty expectations of Mario fanatics the world over is more unlikely than the announcement of an Animal Crossing title set within an abattoir, it comes as no surprise that Super Mario Odyssey is brilliantly bodacious, ingeniously incredible, and wonderfully wild from beginning to end… (read the full review)

Mario and Movement- The Evolution of a 3D Platformer

Movement in a platformer is probably something you don’t think about too much. Not necessarily things like how to make a jump, but rather how fun that jump is to make, or how that jump affects the design of the game world. Mario is one of the quintessential platformer franchises in both 2D and 3D, and Odyssey is one of the smoothest experiences I’ve had playing this genre, Mario or not. This is because Super Mario Odyssey builds itself on a 20 year legacy of experimentation, success, and failure in terms of design choices for 3D Mario titles. Each of the main 3D games brought something new or tried to experiment with things that previous iterations had not done yet. So, let’s take a quick look at how design and movement were used in the main 3D Mario games… (read the full article)

‘Super Mario Odyssey’: Distinctly Japanese, Uniquely Nintendo, and Fundamentally Fun

At 24 years old, Shigeru Miyamoto was a drifting renaissance man. A recent art school graduate, Miyamoto was, by his own admission, a lackluster student. His talents comprised a wide range of artistic skills, from painting to playing the banjo. He was fascinated with making toys and other contraptions, a seemingly useless skill that would bear fruit later in life. In 1977, a chance meeting with then-president Hiroshi Yamauchi (a friend of Miyamoto’s father) resulted in the young man acquiring a job as a staff artist for Nintendo… (read the full article)

‘Super Mario Odyssey’s’ Ten Most Difficult Moons

Super Mario Odyssey is a joyous romp through a variety of charming and colorful locations that is impossible to play without wearing a constant smile on your face. Well… almost constant. Read some reviews of Mazza’s latest 3D outing and a fair few of them will probably claim that the game is too easy for the most part… (read the full article)

Translating Anime Worlds Into ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Kingdoms

With Super Mario Odyssey being out for just over a week, the world has had the chance to experience first hand the wonder of its varied and eclectic kingdoms. New Donk City is a literal urban playground packed so densely with surprises you practically trip over them. Shiveria is a winter wonderland complete with underground yeti races. Then there’s the wackier Mount Volbano, with its gourmet aesthetic and eye-popping color scheme. The list goes on and on… (read the full article)

Joy-Conspiracy Theory: From NES Classic Edition to the Switch

Before its announcement, codename NX, the Nintendo Switch was one of the most eagerly awaited pieces of hardware in recent memory. The rumor mill was turning out countless theories as to what the console would be, the media was in a frenzy constructing click-bait articles, and everyone and their mom was waiting to see what the next Nintendo console, the one that in their eyes would truly make or break Nintendo for real this time, not like the Wii U, or the Wii, or the DS, or the GameCube, or the N64, or any of the other consoles that the public thought was heralding the end of Nintendo.  Nevermind that the Wii U, if underselling, was turning a profit and Nintendo owned the portable console market with the sensationally successful 3DS.  Fans and haters alike waited with baited breath to see what Nintendo’s next project would be.  And then, when everyone was anxiously awaiting any information on NX, Nintendo did something unexpected…they took to social media and announced the NES Classic Edition… (read the full article)

It’s Not Nintendo’s Fault: It’s Ours

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that last week’s Nintendo Switch reveal disappointedoutraged, and dampened the hype for a lot of vocal Nintendo fans, fans who have expressed their frustrations on social media, hammering new titles such as ‘1-2-Switch’ with a vitriol unseen since the dog days of the Wii’s motion-control dominance. A melancholic spirit of doom and gloom seems to have descended upon the Nintendo fandom in the past week, it’s inception the belief that Nintendo somehow mishandled the presentation and missed out on a golden opportunity to market the Switch to new customers. That statement is false, however. It wasn’t Nintendo’s fault for how the reveal went over with fans. No, it was our own… (read the full article)

The Origin and Evolution of the Fire Emblem Series

In recent years, the Fire Emblem series has become one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises worldwide. Fire Emblem: Awakening, released in 2013, launched the once niche tactical role-playing series to new heights, bringing a whole new audience into the fold. Still, the franchise’s history reaches way back to 1990. From the Famicom to the Switch, Fire Emblem has had an incredible journey filled with highs, lows, and evolution. Without further ado, let’s look back at the history of Fire Emblem by looking at the mechanics and characters that made the series what it is today… (read the full article)

‘Diddy Kong Racing’ – Still the King of Single Player Karting After 20 Years

Kart racers are inherently designed to be played with friends. Traditionally featuring on-screen mayhem punctuated with bright colors and charming sprites, the genre is not for serious gear-heads or fans of simulation. Typically, you sit yourself on the sofa with a bunch of mates and let the chaos commence. That’s a typical scenario, but Diddy Kong Racingisn’t a typical kart racer. In fact, if you want to truly enjoy DKR you might as well kick your mates out – you’ve got a giant pig wizard to take down… (read the full article)

The Wii-eulogy: Remembering the Gamepad

It is with great sadness that I write in front of you today to remember a console, a much-loved console, hindered by a lack of software and a convoluted introduction way back during E3 2011. With its predecessor’s inclination toward capturing the casual market through intuitive motion controls and dynamic marketing campaigns, the Wii U always had big boots to fill. Now, in 2016, with the gift of hindsight rendering the comparison between Wii and Wii U sales reductive, it is here where we can focus on what Nintendo’s black sheep did right, or at least what it was trying to achieve. It is here where we remember the Gamepad… (read the full article)

Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Wind Waker’ is Link’s Greatest Adventure

I’d like to take a moment to point something out about the feature you’re about to read. Firstly, I don’t normally use ‘I’, but this is something very near, and dear to my heart as both a gamer and a person. Apologies for using ‘I’, but I couldn’t write this feature without it really. ‘I’s’ aside, this article is basically going to be me arguing the case as to why The Wind Waker, released in 2003 on the Nintendo GameCube, is the greatest Zelda adventure to date, and exactly why I think that… (read the full article)

Why Nintendo Is Smart To Avoid Achievements

Last month, our managing games editor Mike Worby argued that its high time for Nintendo to adopt achievements. All the competing systems in the past decade have incorporated achievements, ever since Microsoft introduced them in 2005. Nintendo have been the only major console developer to not adopt the system in any shape or form… (read the full article)

What today’s 3D Platformers can take from the past

For console gamers in the mid-90’s, no genre shown brighter than the 3D platformer. Nintendo relied on Super Mario 64 to sell the Nintendo 64, much like they are relying on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to push the Switch now, and their sterling second-party studio, Rare, doubled-down on the genre through Banjo-KazooieBanjo-TooieDonkey Kong 64, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Meanwhile, PlayStation brought Crash BandicootSpyro the DragonGex, and Ape Escape to the table. The well dried up as quickly as the flood began, however, and platformers were jettisoned as a relic of the past by the end of the following console generation…. (read the full article)

PokemonGames That Changed Our Lives: ‘Pokémon Go’

On my best days, I can go to the grocery store, confidently maneuver a cart down the aisles, and comfortably engage in light conversation with the cashier at checkout. On my worst days, a trip to the grocery store feels impossible. That’s what social anxiety does — it makes you feel so insecure, so frightened by social interaction, that every other person in the world might as well be a Mean Girl. It’s harrowing, crippling, debilitating, and it envelops you so deeply within your own neuroses that you can’t see through them until its petrifying spell wears off…(read the full article)

‘Pokémon Gold and Silver’ Remain the Greatest Pokémon Games

At last estimate, there were 802 pokémon in the Pokémon World, with Marshadow the latest to be discovered. Back when Pokémon Gold and Silver were released, there was a measly 251 pokémon; an additional 100 pokémon were added for generation two. With so many new dynamics added to the latest Pokémon games, it might be surprising to find that Pokémon Gold and Silver remain the strongest titles in the series, and even more astonishingly, how the successors were influenced more by Pokémon Gold and Silver than they were Pokémon Red and Blue… (read the full article)

To the Moon and Back: Where Should ‘Pokémon’ Go Now?

Pokémon Sun and Moon mark the second new generation of Pokémon introduced on the Nintendo 3DS and the third overall generation featured on the handheld, matching the long-winded DS run. While the DS featured more Pokémon games overall (a staggering nine total main series games), Sun and Moon pushed the franchise further than it’s ever been pushed, expanding upon the concept of what a Pokémon game could be, and all but pushing the 3DS hardware to its limit. All of this to say that with consideration that Nintendo has new, portable hardware on the market, Pokémon’s time on the 3DS is presumably drawing to a close. In a post-Pokémon Sun and Moon world, where do Game Freak and the Pokémon Company take the franchise next? (read the full article)

‘Mario + Rabbids’: Good As The Sum of its Parts

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was already interesting from its many leaks, but when revealed as an XCOM: Enemy Unknown-like at this year’s E3, the gaming public lost their collective minds. On the surface, the fact that Nintendo characters were entering overwatch or hiding behind cover with the camera swinging around dramatically, was creative and unexpected enough to allay concerns over the Raving Rabbids being involved… (read the full review)

Endless in the Best Way: ‘Disgaea 5 Complete’ Review

There are few names that really ring off in Strategy-RPG circles: Final Fantasy TacticsAdvance WarsValkyria Chronicles. Amongst them firmly sits Disgaea, a franchise that’s been almost exclusive to Sony barring 2008’s Disgaea DS. Despite being well respected by fans of the genre, however, Disgaea never really took off in the West in the same way Tactics and Fire Emblem did. Nippon Ichi Software has therefore taken a bit of a gamble by localizing and porting Disgaea 5 Complete to the Switch. And you know what? It’s paid off in spades… (read the full review)


‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Ramps Up Its Roster With The Kombat Pack



Our favourite brutal and bloody fighting game series Mortal Kombat is back with a new announcement surrounding brand new characters that will be joining the fight in the latest instalment of the franchise, Mortal Kombat 11.

During Gamescom 2019, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios introduced the Kombat Pack via an official reveal trailer. The Kombat Pack will feature six new fighters who will be introduced to the game over the next six months. Shang Tsung and Nightwolf are the latest additions who have already been released but the trailer also shows off four new and exciting additions to the world of Mortal Kombat.

The first up will be the Terminator T-800 who will be released on October 8th 2019 to coincide with the October release of the next Terminator film, Terminator: Dark Fate.  The trailer shows that the character model features the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger rather than just going for the Terminator style metallic endoskeleton. This is an interesting choice that leads to an incredibly impressive character model of Arnie. I’m really hoping that he will start to decay into his metal form as he is beaten down in the game but only time will tell.

The next release will be well known Mortal Kombat character Sindel, whose appearance fans have been waiting for after she was confirmed to be coming to the game in late May. Sindel will join the fight on November 26th, 2019.

The next character is another interesting one: DC comics top villain Joker. Joker is a pop culture icon who is no stranger to fighting games so his inclusion isn’t that much of a surprise. His physical appearance is somewhat unexpected however. He seems quite young and dashing, not what is typically expected when one thinks of the Joker. It is always fun to see unique interpretations of well known characters so hopefully the Joker will not disappoint when he becomes playable. This won’t be for a while though as he isn’t slated for release until January 28th, 2020.

The final character from the Kombat Pack will be Spawn from Todd McFarlane’s comic book of the same name. McFarlane already suggested that Spawn would be joining the game way back in December 2018 before Mortal Kombat 11 was even released, so this one isn’t much of surprise. The release date for Spawn is the furthest, coming to the game on March 17th,2020.

One fighter not mentioned is Ash from the Evil Dead, who has been being teased for sometime.His lack of inclusion here doesn’t rule him out of the game just yet. Here’s hoping that on top of the Kombat Pack, we will also get a few extra fighters here and there over the next few months.

The Kombat Pack will be $39.99 (those who purchased the premium edition of the game for $99.99 will have access to this content once it becomes available) to get all six fighters, one-week early access and various skins and gear sets. The DLC fighters as well as the skins and gear will all be available for anyone to purchase following the one –week period of early access.

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Limited Edition ‘Twin Peaks’ Box Set Includes a Whopping 21-Discs




Next year marks 30 years since David Lynch and Mark Frost changed television forever with their groundbreaking series Twin Peaks and to celebrate they are releasing a new, exhaustive box set which collects all of the pieces of Lynch’s quintessential mystery thriller and packs it into a whopping 21 disks.

The set, available only on Blu-ray, includes all three television seasons and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me, as well as the film’s deleted scenes (The Missing Pieces). It also includes new interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, unedited versions of several musical performances, and so much more!

If that’s not enough, there will also be a special 4K UHD disc included in the set, containing a new ultra-high def transfer overseen by David Lynch of both the American and international versions of the 1990 Twin Peaks pilot, as well as “Part 8” of A Limited Event Series, titled “Gotta Light?” The set will also include all existing special features from the previous releases of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery and Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series.

If you’re not salivating yet, it should also be mentioned that Lynch has confirmed the addition of 20 hours of additional features for die-hard Lynch fans to delve into.

From Z to A Twin Peaks Box Set

Last but not least, the collection comes in a beautiful box which the official press release says, once opened, a depiction of the infamous Red Room is revealed with its brown and crème chevron floor and brilliant red curtains. Sitting in front of the red curtain will be an exclusive die-cut acrylic figure of Laura Palmer kissing Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Fans who can’t afford the set will be able to purchase a more standard collection on Blu-ray and DVD, titled Twin Peaks: The Television Collection which will be released on October 15.

The From Z to A set costs $139.99 and is available for pre-order here. The Blu-ray TV collection costs $91.01, and the DVD TV collection costs $50.99.

While your waiting for your set to arrive, be sure to check out our insanely popular Twin Peaks podcast, The Lodgers, hosted by Simon Howell and Kate Rennebohm.

From Z to A Twin Peaks Box Set
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‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Trailer Reveals New Monsters and More!




I’m guessing we are not alone in choosing Monster Hunter World as one of the best games of 2018. In our review, Matthew Ponthier wrote, “Monster Hunter World is a hallmark entry into the storied franchise and is a title that will light a fire in the belly of any triumphant Hunter”.

And so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise either that we are hotly anticipating Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the massive expansion to Capcom’s best-selling game to date. The latest trailer revealed this week during Gamescom 2019 gives a glimpse of returning and new monsters, including a closer look at Velkhana, the mysterious Elder Dragon that’s new to the series. Additionally, new options will be available to help players progress through the main World game and further encourage existing players to aid other hunters in the community.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Iceborne will include a multitude of new monsters and subspecies for hunters to challenge, and now, two more have been confirmed to join the upcoming massive expansion’s lineup. The brute wyvern Brachydios is a returning fan-favorite known for its explosive slime attacks, while Namielle, a mysterious all-new Elder Dragon, unleashes powerful water-based attacks. More details about the new flagship monster Velkhana have also emerged. This Elder Dragon’s icy breath can cause frozen pillars to form on the battlefield, which hunters can use to create exciting opportunities for new hunting strategies.

 A free Guardian Armor set will be provided to all hunters, both World and Iceborne, as part of an upcoming title update on September 4 in time for the launch of the expansion. This upgradable armor set offers increased defense and skills that help hunters survive in the New World. The buffed armor can be equipped from the beginning of the World game, and is especially geared towards newer hunters to help them progress through the main story.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Last but not least, there will be another gameplay feature new to the series that focuses on Low Rank and High Rank player assistance by creating a further incentive for the community to help fellow hunters. Helpful players will get rewarded with exclusive in-game Pendants and Trophies for assisting other hunters in ranks below their own.

The upcoming Iceborne expansion will be coming to the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, globally on September 6th, 2019, with a PC release to follow in January 2020.

Watch the trailer below.

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‘Control’ Launch Trailer Cranks Up The Crazy



With the release date of Control fast approaching, a new launch trailer has been revealed during Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

Remedy continues its trend of creating games with mind bending and bizarre realities with Control, a third person action game set in a world where supernatural forces are present. The otherworldly entities take over a government facility in New York tasked with containing supernatural threats known as the Federal Bureau of Control. The player takes on the role of Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Bureau, who has her own personal mission as she sets about finding her brother who was taken by the Bureau when they were children. The trailer shows Jesse as she wanders through the Bureau, set appropriately to Ruelle’s “Madness” as she falls through various dimensions and realities. Jesse has her own powers for the player to play around with as well as a weapon known as the Service Weapon, a supernatural firearm that can transform and change to the wielders will. We get a good look at the Service Weapon in the launch trailer and it looks like a particularly interesting element that make for intriguing shooting mechanics.

To celebrate the games launch, 505 Games will be hosting a charity stream in aid of St. Jude Children’s Hospital, a research hospital for various diseases and cancers affecting children. The stream will run from 8am to 4pm PDT on August 27th. It’s all to raise money for a brilliant cause so to check it out and to donate, go to the link here. Control will also be coming to PAX West next weekend from August 30th to September 2nd, so make sure to check it out if you’re attending.

Control will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows via the Epic Store on August 27th, 2019.

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Fantastic Fest 2019: Second Wave Adds ‘Knives Out’, ‘Parasite’ and More




This year’s Fantastic Fest is shaping up with one of the strongest lineups in recent years and if the first wave announcement didn’t impress you, the second wave of films announced today will have you running to buy tickets.

Wave two brings a ton of exciting new titles including Rian Johnson‘s Knives Out, Bong Joon-ho‘s Palme d’Or winner Parasite, as well as Richard Stanley‘s The Color Out of Space and the latest from filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead, Synchronic.

This year, Fantastic Fest will also be spotlighting Mexican genre films such as The Black Pit of Dr. M and The Ship of Monsters—and, the festival will also include a sidebar dedicated to LGBTQ+ representation in genre cinema.

Check out the full second wave film lineup below. Fantastic Fest runs September 19-26. Be sure to check back as we will be covering the event once again this year.

Abou Leila
Algeria, France, Qatar, 2019
North American Premiere, 139 min
Director – Amin Sidi-Boumédiène
In the midst of the Algerian Civil War, Lotfi ventures into the desert with his lifelong friend S., who hopes to find and kill the elusive, dangerous terrorist Abou Leila.

The Antenna
Turkey, 2019
US Premiere, 115 min
Director – Orçun Behram
Somewhere within an unnamed city in Turkey, the residents of an apartment block await the installation of their new antenna as ordered by the central government. No one can prepare them for the evil that will be unleashed.

The Black Pit Of Dr. M
Mexico, 1959
Repertory Screening, 82 min
Director – Fernando Méndez
Two doctors make a pact on behalf of science: Whichever one dies first will return to share the secrets of the afterlife. This pact will not end well.

USA, 2019
Texas Premiere, 80 min
Director – Joe Begos
While trying to complete her latest painting, a starving artist facing a lack of inspiration spirals out of control in a blaze of blood-soaked, drug-fueled glory.

Blood Machines
France, USA, 2019
North American Premiere, 50 min
Director – Seth Ickerman
The wild sequel to the Carpenter Brut music video, Turbo Killer, shoots you into a turbulent psychedelic adventure of galactic hunters tracking down the soul of a spaceship set to a killer synthwave soundtrack.

Butt Boy
USA, 2019
World Premiere, 100 min
Director – Tyler Cornack
Writer/director/comedian Tyler Cornack’s Butt Boy introduces us to Chip, a middle-aged man whose first prostate exam stirs feelings deep inside leading to an addiction that can only be shown to Fantastic Fest audiences.

Climate Of The Hunter
USA, 2019
World Premiere, 90 min
Director – Mickey Reece
The “Soderbergh of the Sticks,” Mickey Reece, returns to Fantastic Fest with his 27th feature. Two beautiful sisters vie for the affections of a man who may or may not be a vampire.

Color Out Of Space
USA, 2019
US Premiere, 111 min
Director – Richard Stanley
Unimaginable terrors befall the Gardner family after a meteorite lands on their front lawn in Richard Stanley’s entrancing, horrific adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story.

Iron Fists And Kung Fu Kicks
Australia, 2019
North American Premiere, 107 min
Director – Serge Ou
From the Shaw Brothers to The Matrix, this wild documentary tells the story of how kung fu films conquered the world from the 1960s to now.

Knives Out
USA, 2019
Special Presentation, 130 min
Director – Rian Johnson
In attendance – Director Rian Johnson
From acclaimed writer, director Rian Johnson comes Knives Out, a fresh and modern take on the classic “whodunnit” mystery genre.

The Lodge
USA, 2019
Texas Premiere, 108 min
Directors – Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala
Five years after Goodnight Mommy stunned Fantastic Fest audiences, Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala are back with another disturbing psychological twister about a brother and sister spending Christmas with their shadowy soon-to-be stepmother.

The Long Walk
Laos, Spain, Singapore, 2019
US Premiere, 115 min
Director – Mattie Do
In attendance – Director Mattie Do
An old Laotian hermit discovers that the ghost of a road accident victim can transport him back in time fifty years to the moment of his mother’s painful death..

2014, USA
Repertory Screening, 65 min
Director – Stewart Thorndike
In attendance – Director Stewart Thorndike
After the loss of her child, a young woman begins to suspect that her neighbors might be part of a satanic cult and that she might be their next target.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
USA, 1985
Repertory Screening, 87 min
Director – Jack Sholder
In attendance – Actors Mark Patton and Kim Myers
Jesse (Mark Patton) is the new kid on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger might not be the only monster in the closet in this much discussed but under-appreciated queer horror classic.

Austria, 2019
US Premiere, 90 min
Director – Karl Markovics
In a retirement allotment in Vienna, a crabby 91-year-old finds both himself and his humanity when he hires an Afghani refugee to help him in Karl Markovics’ remarkable and poignant third feature.

South Korea, 2019
Texas Premiere, 131 min
Director – Bong Joon-ho
Bong Joon-ho’s seventh feature — about an unemployed Korean family conning their way out of their basement apartment — is a roller coaster ride of laughs, gasps, horror, tears, and perfection.

Belgium, 2019
North American Premiere, 97 min
Director – Tim Mielants
Patrick is not having an easy time. First his domineering father passed away and now his favorite hammer is missing. Before the day is out, Patrick’s search will lead him to discover answers to the questions he didn’t even know existed.

Phil Tippett – Mad Dreams And Monsters
France, 2019
International Premiere, 80 min
Directors – Gilles Penso & Alexandre Poncet
After their documentary Creature Designers – The Frankenstein Complex, French journalist Alexandre Poncet and filmmaker Gilles Penso deliver an in-depth, sad, and beautiful documentary about the stop motion and VFX artist Phil Tippett, a man who changed the landscape of visual effects in film.

The Platform
Spain, 2019
US Premiere, 90 min
Director – Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
In attendance – Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Somewhere in the future exists The Platform, a vertically tiered prison where the upper levels have access to exquisite food and the lower levels fight for survival. Level assignments are random, but how long can a prisoner’s luck hold? One man is about to find out.

1977, United Kingdom
Repertory Screening, 78 min
Director – Norman J. Warren
Jessica and Josephine find more than their relationship at stake when they’re chosen by a shape-shifting alien as his target for an observational study.

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street
USA, 2019
US Premiere, 100 min
Directors – Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen
In attendance – Directors Roman Chimienti and Tyler Jensen
More than thirty years after its release and his departure from Hollywood, Mark Patton (star of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge), sets the record straight on the famously queer horror sequel in this fabulous, surprising, and eye-opening documentary.

The Ship Of Monsters
Mexico, 1960
Repertory Screening, 81 min
Director – Rogelio A. González
Two Venusian women and their robot servant are on a mission to find suitable candidates to repopulate their planet. Soon their ship is filled with bizarre specimens from across the universe, leading to an adventure like no other!

USA, 2019
US Premiere, 96 min
Directors – Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead
In attendance – Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead
Two paramedics find their world ripped apart when they start encountering deaths linked to the otherworldly effects of a new designer drug called Synchronic.

Trampa Infernal
Mexico, 1989
Repertory Screening, 77 min
Director – Pedro Galindo III
In Mexico’s most notorious unseen video-era masterblast, a crew of toxically masculine bear murderers runs afoul of a forest-dwelling war veteran wearing a mannequin mask and Freddy Krueger glove. Entertainment ensues!!

The True Adventures Of Wolfboy
USA, 2019
North American Premiere, 88 min
Director – Martin Krej?í
Suffering from hypertrichosis — which covers him with animal-like fur — Paul knows he’s not like other kids. But a seemingly random package from his estranged mother will send him on a journey of self-discovery alongside extraordinary characters.

The Vast Of Night
USA, 2019
Texas Premiere, 90 min
Director – Andrew Patterson
A rural 1950s radio DJ and a telephone operator uncover a strange signal that could change everything in this stunning science fiction debut feature.

USA, 2019
World Premiere, 92 min
Director – Joe Begos
In attendance – Director Joe Begos
In the near future, a new drug called Hype has turned America into a war zone. The addicted are more mutant than human, and they’ve set their sights on assaulting a VFW post in Joe Begos’ star-studded latest.

USA, 2019
World Premiere, 71 min
Director – Jack Henry Robbins
In attendance – Director Jack Henry Robbins
This bizarre retro comedy, shot entirely on VHS and Beta, takes us back to when 12-year-old Ralph, over one formative week, mistakenly records home videos and his favorite late night shows over his parents’ wedding tape.

Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, 2019
US Premiere, 98 min
Director – Lorcan Finnegan
When young couple Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) drive out to a maze of temptingly affordable houses in the suburbs, they find themselves unable to leave.

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