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‘Persona 5’ Review – Stealing Your Heart and the Show

Taylor Smith
Persona 5 is a great game that sets a high bar with its amazing visuals, audio, gameplay, and story. It is a definitive purchase for anyone who finds themselves to be a fan of role-playing games, Japanese or otherwise.
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‘Persona 5’ Could Be The Most Important JRPG Since ‘Final Fantasy VII’

John Cal McCormick
Persona 5 is a JRPG that's genuinely slick and cool, and in a world in which the Final Fantasy series has devolved into a Japanese boy band driving around in a car for forty hours completing fetch quests, that's something that every fan of Japanese role playing games should be
Rapid Fire

Rapid-Fire: ‘Destiny 2’ Release Date Confirmed; ‘Persona 5’ DLC Unveiled

Sara Winegardner
Rapid-Fire is Goomba Stomp's weekly Playstation news column, wrapping up all of the Sony stories that you need to know about. This week, Destiny 2 receives a release date, The Witcher franchise surpassed an incredible milestone, Atlus revealed Persona 5's DLC, and more.
Rapid Fire

Rapid-Fire: Game Awards Nominees, Persona 5 Delayed

Sara Winegardner
Rapid-Fire is GoombaStomp’s weekly Playstation news column, commenting on all of the Sony stories that you need to know about.  This week, The Game Awards nominees were revealed, Persona 5 saw another delay and more. The Game Awards 2016 nominees announced: Kojima included With 2016 finally approaching its close, the...
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The Best Movies 2018 (15-1)

It’s quite possible that when browsing our list, some readers may walk away asking why certain films didn’t make an appearance. The truth is, so many great films released this year that it was impossible for our staff to include each and every one. In total, our staff nominated 88...
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Best TV Shows 2018 (Top 15)

If only we had more time to be able to sit down and watch all the great TV shows that aired this year… Thankfully, we have a staff of over fifty writers worldwide that collectively are able to cover the best of the best. Of course, no list is perfect,...