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Welcome to Goomba Stomp, a stomping ground for video game enthusiasts and the pop-culture obsessed. We provide smart readers with sharp, entertaining writing on a wide range of topics in pop culture, offering an escape from the usual hype and gossip. Unlike most websites that offer the brief review format, Goomba Stomp features long-form, in-depth coverage, and lengthy, well-researched articles alongside several award-winning podcasts. We believe that within today’s click bait-info-entertainment landscape there is still plenty of room to rigorously discuss the video game industry so that it can continue to flourish and remain an important voice of cultural and artistic expression.


Welcome to Goomba Stomp, a stomping ground for video game enthusiasts and the pop-culture obsessed.

We cover everything here, from the biggest triple-A bonanzas to the most minute and intrinsic of indie titles with a healthy dose of TV and film coverage sprinkled in between. When we’re not covering the latest goings-on in the industry, we’re always happy to look back with the occasional retrospective, anniversaries, or a series of themed articles. Brought to you by the former editors of Sound on Sight, Goomba Stomp is an independent voice fueled by passionate, dedicated gamers who truly know their stuff. Boasting dozens of writers from around the world, fantastic podcasts, and some of the best content on the internet, Goomba Stomp is one of the fastest growing independently-owned websites.

If you would like to contribute, please email editor@goombastomp.com with a writing sample.

Please don’t include your resume. Instead, tell us something about yourself. Let us know which city you reside in, which social media platforms you frequently use (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc), and why you want to write for us.

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Ricky Da Conceicao - Co-Founder | Editor-In-Chief

Simon Howell - Co-Founder

Patrick Murphy - Co-Founder | Film Editor

Mike Worby - Games Editor 

John Cal McCormick - Sony Editor 

James Baker - Nintendo Editor 

Tim Maison - XBox Editor 

Randy Dankievitch - TV Editor 

Katrina Lind - Indie Games Editor  

Harry Morris - Anime Editor  

Kyle Rogacion - Associate Games Editor 

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Goomba Stomp is quickly becoming one of the web’s most popular video game sites. Our primary market and target audience are students between the age of 18 and 30 living in North America. However, we do reach a larger audience worldwide and average anywhere from 300, 000 - 500, 000 visits a month. Advertising on Goomba Stop provides a great opportunity to target an audience that is cultured, hip, tech-savvy and educated. .

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We welcome press released but please note that we are not a news publication and can’t guarantee we will promote your product on our site.For film, TV, DVD, video game, and any other related releases contact Ricky Da Conceicao at Editor@GoombaStomp.com.

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