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Anime Ichiban Podcast 2: Killing Some Live-Actions

The crew is back with episode two of the Anime Ichiban Podcast, which means a single episode wasn’t enough to get them to hate each other yet. Join Harry, Matt, and Kyle as they speculate what the new Kill la Kill game recently announced will be like, as well as fumble through their thoughts on why Western live-action adaptations of anime series almost always, without fail, fall flat on their face.

0:00 – Introductions and “What Have We Been Playing?”
8:36 – Arc Systems Work’s Kill la Kill Game Thoughts and Speculation
20:23 – What anime would we like to see turned into a video game?
25:11 – Why are Western live-action adaptations so bad?
56:11 – Closing Remarks

Songs used:

Eir Aoi – Sirius

GARNiDELiA – Ambiguous

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