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Anime Ichiban Podcast 1: Pilot and Shenanigans

anime ichiban

In association with Goomba Stomp, Harry, Kyle and Matt chit-chat about anime for your listening (dis)pleasure.

Introducing the rough ‘n’ dirty pilot episode, complete with a bundle of mistakes ranging from misjudged humour to signal drop-outs. We aim to improve the quality of our future episodes significantly, but we hope that you enjoy our ramblings regardless.


0:00 – Introductions and “What Have We Been Playing”
15:13 – My Hero Academia Discussion
32:57 – Darling in the FRANXX Discussion
48:52 – Main Topic: What shows do we not like that most other people do?
01:13:12 – Lucky Star Bonus Discussion and Closing


Intro – “ODD FUTURE” by UVERworld (My Hero Academia Season 3 Opening Theme)
Outro – “Update” by miwa (My Hero Academia Season 3 Ending Theme)

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