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40 Years Later, ‘Superman’ is the Definitive Comic Book Movie

Ricky D Fernandes
High school pals and cartoonists Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sold the character of Superman to Detective Comics, Inc. (later DC Comics) in 1938. Ever since the history of the widely considered national cultural icon continues to be awe-inspiring. Superman premiered in Action Comics #1 of the same year, a...

Rico Rodriguez Stars in Five Trailers Inspired by Classic Action Films

Ricky D Fernandes
To celebrate the dynamic nature of Rico Rodriguez, Square Enix has created a series of stylized trailers and posters inspired by classic action films of decades past. We’ve already published a post with all six stunning posters and now it’s time to show off these awesome, retro-styled action trailers inspired...
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15 Years Later: ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ Gave Us One of Gaming’s Greatest Protagonists

Ricky D Fernandes
Michael Ancel's opus stands as one of gaming's best examples of characterization – an involving study of a girl searching, searching for answers, for belonging, for truth, for a foothold in life at a time when footholds are hard to find.
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150 Greatest Horror Films of the 20th Century (Top 20)

Ricky D Fernandes
It is impossible to make a definitive list of the best horror films but what follows is a list of my personal 150 favorite horror films of the 20th century accompanied by a few special mentions.
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Westerns Recommended for fans of ‘Red Dead Redemption’

Ricky D Fernandes
Now that Rockstar Games has officially announced a sequel, set for release next year, what better time to look at some criminally overlooked Westerns that fans of the game may be interested in watching while they impatiently wait for it to arrive.
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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival: ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’ is a Must See for Fans of ‘The Monster Squad’

Ricky D Fernandes
Wolfman’s Got Nards, a documentary exploring the initial failure and subsequent cult success of the 80’s movie The Monster Squad begins with a question: Is The Monster Squad a cult film? As someone points out later in the documentary, if you ask five people what defines a cult movie, you’ll...