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Andrew Vandersteen has been watching movies and playing games since before he could do basic math, and it shows. But what he lacks in being good at things, he makes up for with opinions on everything nerd culture. A self described and self medicated audiophile and lover of anything and everything really, really terrible, he's on a constant quest to find the worst things humanity has ever published. He's seen every episode of The Legend of Zelda, twice, and thinks the Super Mario Movie was a war crime. When he's not playing games or writing about them, he's messing around with audio or fixing computers. Perpetually one paycheck short of breaking even, and always angry about something.

‘Metal Gear Survive’ to Require Constant Internet Connection

With just a few weeks left to release, information on the spin-off is starting to come out more frequently, along with more trailers showing off aspects of the gameplay.

Lock the Doors: ‘Hello Neighbor’ Review

'Hello Neighbor' takes your childhood fears of your neighbor and attempts to re-create them. Is this a doorstep worth darkening, or a welcome package best left undelivered?

Belgium Declares: Lootboxes Are Gambling

So the big question is what does this mean for loot boxes in the future? If Belgium does manage to get the EU to ban loot boxes in games it's unlikely the practice would continue, as it'd be a hard sell to convince North Americans gamers to continue using them when they know EU gamers don't have to.

Really Loud Hill: ‘The Evil Within 2’ Review

The Evil Within 2 has a lot to offer, but in a year with so many great games, and several other acclaimed horror titles like Outlast 2 and Resident Evil 7 already on shelves, this might be one title to put off for a while.

Review in Progress: ‘The Evil Within 2’

Like it's crumbling and distorted world The Evil Within 2 is somewhat of a hot mess. It is by no means a bad game and it has remained fairly enjoyable so far, but it also never feels as polished as its predecessor or any of its contemporaries

Painful : ‘The Land of Pain’ Review

Alessandro Guzzo has attempted to create the latest game to do the horror legend of Lovecraft justice with 'The Land of Pain'.

Nostalgia Trip: SNES Classic Hardware Review

SNES classic is a pretty good choice for anyone looking to relive the glory days of Nintendo.

Ascended: ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’ is an Absolute Triumph of RPG Design

An absolute triumph of RPG design, and a sprawling, content filled game that's sure to enthrall any and all that dive into it. With great quests, satisfying combat, and intelligent systems that all feed into the flow of gameplay perfectly.

Top 10 Games with Staff Writer, Andrew Vandersteen

I've played a lot of games over the years, and picking 10 wasn't always that easy, but here they are: the best of my best, and maybe yours too.

Review: ‘StellarHub’ is Nothing But Empty Space

The concept of a base-building game in space seems simple, But does Stellar Hub truly ascend to the stars, or just languish as space scrap in this task?