Monday, March 19, 2018
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Brent Middleton

JRPG/SRPG enthusiast. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the best game of 2017. Lover of games with color. Want to chat? Feel free to connect on Twitter @CreamBasics.

‘The Future Diary’ Review: What is True Love?

Balancing great storytelling, interesting characters and true tension in a thriller anime can be quite difficult. Impressively, The Future Diary manages to do just that over the course of 26 intensely frightening episodes.

‘Blend-S’ Review: Bubblegum at Its Finest

Blend-S falls perfectly in line with what one might call a "feel-good anime," one that comes packed with bright visuals, cute characters and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

Switch Finally Gets My Nintendo Rewards… Kind Of

My Nintendo doesn't have the best reputation within the Nintendo community already, and it doesn't look like the newly-offered Switch rewards will change that anytime soon.

Games You May Have Missed: ‘HunieCam Studio’

HunieCam Studio was a stark deviation from developer HuniePot's debut hit, but it still manages to retain the polish and wit that made the first game such a joy to play.

‘Project Octopath Traveler’s’ Innovative Approach to Player Feedback

Square Enix's feedback strategy for the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Project Octopath Traveler is surprisingly unique, and is certainly a strategy that other developers should make use of in the future.

Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Mario Party 6’

Not only was Mario Party 6 able to provide the perfect escape during bouts of loneliness, but it also served as the catalyst for bringing my friends together and reigniting our love for local multiplayer games.

Is the ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’ Expansion Pass Worth Buying Now?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an absolutely massive JRPG on its own, boasting hundreds of hours of content for hardcore completionists. With this in mind, is the game's expansion pass worth picking up? Let's find out.

‘Celeste’ and the Case for Accessibility Options in Games

There's been a persistent debate as to whether offering accessibility options takes away from a game's vision. Celeste is a shining example of accessibility done right.

Artfully Average: ‘Shu’ Review

The beauty of Shu's art and character design is undeniable, but does it play well enough to be considered a great platformer?

How ‘Mario Tennis Aces’ Can Recover a Franchise

Mario Tennis Aces has an immense amount of potential. With a colorful trailer that's got everyone buzzing, can Aces be the title that pulls the Mario Tennis series from the depths of mediocrity? Let's hash it out.