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Heralding from the rustic, old town of Los Angeles, California; Matthew now resides in Boston where he diligently researches the cure for cancer. In reality, though, he just wants to play games and watch anime, and likes talking about them way too much. A Nintendo/Sony hybrid fan with a soft-spot for RPG’s, he finds little beats sinking hours into an immersive game world. You can follow more of his work at his blog and budding YouTube channel below.
deemo reborn

Rhythm Game ‘Deemo Reborn’ Announced for PS4 and PSVR

Deemo Reborn announced for PS4 and will have VR support. Check out the new teaser trailer!

Roasting a Clover to a Charcoal Black

The first two episodes of "Black Clover' super compress all the worst aspects of the shōnen genre into a painful expository arc.
march and scum wish

The Psychological Appeals of ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ and ‘Scum’s Wish’

Both March Comes in Like a Lion and Scum's Wish have the same psychological appeals that are accomplished in different ways.
pokemon ultra sun ultra moon

New Story Trailer for ‘Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’ Raises the Stakes

New trailers released show just how much the new entries will differ from their predecessors.

‘Deemo’: A Harmonious Melody

Deemo has been ported to Nintendo Switch, and there has never been a better time to jump into this mesmerizing recital.

The Curious Case of ’13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’

"What kind of game will 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim be?" At this point in time, there are very few individuals who can answer this question....

‘Project Octopath Traveler’ Carries on the Legacy of 3D Functionality

When the Switch was fully revealed during its January event it became apparent it lacked two elements its predecessor, the 3DS, has.  The first is dual screen gaming, a feature players have grown accustomed to ever since the original DS’s launch back in 2004.