Monday, March 19, 2018
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Feature Writer/ Reviewer for Goombastomp and founder of Quiet Stories For more info on upcoming books, podcasts, articles and video games follow me @OurQuietStories on Twitter. On a more personal note i'm a beard fanatic, calamari connoisseur and professional fat guy.

Can Video Games Be a Form of Meditation?

Games aren’t just about killing and action. They can teach us things about our own lives, and provide us with an outlet to deal with our internal issues.

‘Dying Light,’ ‘Schacht,’ and University Students Becoming Indie Devs: Fist Fight Ep. 4

Intro: 00:00 Dying Light debate: 06:50 Schacht Interview: 48:30 Welcome to Fist Fight, Goombastomp’s newest podcast, made in collaboration with Quiet Stories. There are plenty of podcasts...

The Sound Design of ‘Hellblade’ Makes you Feel Mentally Ill

Robin Hunicke, Marc LeBlanc, and Robert Zubek describe aesthetic within video games as the desired emotional response a player has to a game’s systems...

Can You Make A Video Game With No Experience? – Pt. 1 Coming up...

I am conducting this experiment. An experiment to see whether someone with no experience, education, or understanding of game development can learn the ropes.

‘Monster Hunter World,”All Walls Must Fall,’ and ‘Dead Island’ Devs using Kickstarter – Fist...

This week on Fist Fight we get heated over Monster Hunter World and then interview some AAA developers who worked on Dead Island 2, but are now focused on their Xcom-like game, All Walls Must Fall.

Goodbye ‘Life is Strange’

Farewell signifies a developer who designed every element to push you toward a specific goal. When focusing on the aesthetics of a game, you want to move past ideas like ‘fun’ and instead consider focus points like; narrative, challenge and expression.

Could the Future of ‘Star Wars’ Games be in a ‘Destiny’ Style Shared World?

When Star Wars: Battlefront was rebooted in 2015, fans of the franchise were delighted. It was the first Star Wars game in years, and...

The Sexualization of ‘Bayonetta’ is Fine… With the Right Context

The greater context behind narrative, technical and design decisions in games is often lost. Bayonetta is a high paced action game with a protagonist proud of her sexuality, but the public will still see it as the objectification of women.

‘Prey’ and ‘Hidden Agenda’ Are Worth Your Time – Fist Fight Ep. 2

Welcome to Fist Fight, Goombastomp’s newest podcast, made in collaboration with Quiet Stories. There are plenty of podcasts out there that cover the latest...

‘Wolfenstein 2’ Shows More Respect for World War 2 Than the Latest ‘Call of...

Wolfenstein 2 understands that the world isn’t so black and white.