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Games That Changed Our Lives

Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning’

Christopher Underwood
Anyone even passingly familiar with MMORPGs will be fully aware of the phenomenon known as game hopping. No single MMO has enough content to satisfy even the most casual player indefinitely. As such there are regular migrations of player population from game to game during lulls in patch cycles or
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‘Detroit: Become Human’ – A Game That Knows Exactly What It Is

Christopher Underwood
What does it mean to be human? A question that philosophers, artists, and scientists have attempted to answer since the dawn of recorded history. Why was humanity, of all the species on this green earth, selected to bear the singular burden of conscious thought? Unfortunately such questions have no universally
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The Fans Strike Back – EA Forced to Remove Microtransactions After Internet Outrage

Christopher Underwood
After a developer response regarding the microtransaction scheme went viral by becoming the most downvoted post in reddit history, and an AMA so catastrophic that super weapons as of yet unbuilt were already blowing up, it became obvious to even the most disinterested observer that the company had to back