Edgar Chaput

September 22, 2017

My First Experience With TIFF

Is the Toronto International Film Festival worth attending in person? You bet.
September 15, 2017

TIFF 2017: ‘The Journey’ Is A Creative Exploration Of Post-War Iraq And Its People

Smart, well acted, and touching in surprising ways despite its subject matter, 'The Journey' is well worth taking.
September 14, 2017

TIFF 2017: ‘Three Peaks’ Is A Complex, Unnerving Story Of A Family’s Decomposition

'Three Peaks' is a fascinating, and at times disconcerting character piece about the struggle to be a family.
September 13, 2017

TIFF 2017: ‘High Fantasy’ Is High In Quality, And One Of The Year’s Best Films

'High Fantasy' is a wonderfully accomplished piece of work.
September 12, 2017

TIFF 2017: ‘The Ritual’ is David Bruckner’s Rite of Passage Into Feature-Length Horror

David Bruckner once again makes a case for himself as one of the more talented, confident horror film directors modern cinema has to offer with 'The Ritual.'
September 11, 2017

TIFF 2017: ‘Valley of Shadows’ Is Gorgeous, But Too Languid To Be Fully Effective

'Valley of Shadows' is by no means a poor film. An apt argument might be that it is too challenging for its own good.
September 11, 2017

TIFF 2017: ‘Five Fingers for Marseilles’ Is a Great Western By Way of Rural South Africa

'Five Fingers for Marseilles' both pleases and surprises. Western fans will get what they want, as will movie lovers that want an action film with a legitimately different flavour.