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Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Needs to be DC’s Flagship

Geoff Miller
In the wake of most reactions to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad ranging from terrible to tepid, the fate of the DC Extended Universe now falls upon one person’s shoulders. But who is it that can save this franchise from collapsing under a bevy of misfires?...
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‘Samurai Jack’ returns as a Jack of all blades

Geoff Miller
After what felt like a lifetime of being off the air, Samurai Jack is back, but what has been one decade for fans has been five for our hero, and the years have not proven kind. The long-awaited premiere of season 5 begins with an action sequence (to no one’s
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The Wake Left by the Wolverine: How Fox Should Handle ‘X-Men’ Going Forward

Geoff Miller
When Hugh Jackman announced he would be hanging up the claws for good after Logan, Fox lost more than just the face of its X-Men franchise. With the actor’s departure, the series also lost its heart and soul.