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The Remake Dilemma

George Cheese
I hope that the Resident Evil 2 remake carries the spirit of its former self. I’m looking forward to visiting Raccoon City for the first time. But I’ll carry that nagging sense in the back of my mind that what I’m playing is a different experience to those who played
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Top 10 Games with Staff Writer, George Cheese

George Cheese
I firmly believe that people's favorite games are those they play in their teenage and early adult years, and, well, that's where I'm at now.
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Android Dreams: ‘NieR Automata’ and the Human (S)oul in Visual Storytelling and Design

George Cheese
flowers for m(A)chines NieR Automata is a lot of things. Stripped of artistic value, it is a highly pleasing and utterly polished action game that is a joy to play. Even without the playful genre-mashing that helped define both Automata and its predecessor, the minute-to-minute exploration-combat flow is intrinsically satisfying....
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Anime Adaptations: Why Does Hollywood Always Fail?

George Cheese
Anime adaptations have a sordid history in Hollywood’s production studios. Death Note is the latest property to get adapted by the US. A seminal anime I first devoured in my teenage years, I watched the Netflix take on the much-loved property with both amusement and dread. What the heck had...