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I have spent my life in England finding entertainment in both video games and music. Whilst not indulging in the latter, I invest my time in playing all manner of video games, and as of 2017, writing about all manner of video games. Email: harrymorrisharrymorris@yahoo.com

‘Hunter x Hunter’ (2011) Review: Hunting For A Better Sense Of Pacing

Hunter x Hunter exists as something of a rarity. Despite being of the Shōnen genre and boasting a lofty 148 episode quota, it bears...

‘Sonic Forces’ Review: A Lack Of Self-Awareness

If Sonic Mania is a love letter to fans, then Sonic Forces is a death threat. It's yet another reminder that Sonic Team are stranded a million miles away from what makes a Sonic title enjoyable to begin with.

Bad Reviews Of Good Things

We all love good video games, right? We all love saying “This video game is good” in unified agreement, yeah?

‘Super Mario Odyssey’: The Comedown

Whilst Super Mario Odyssey may have reduced me to a desperate addict, I can't deny that the journey has been a marvelously memorable one.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Review: Brilliantly Bodacious, Ingeniously Incredible

The fact remains that Mario has always been the undisputed king of the video gaming universe, and a true icon of the medium. Super Mario Odyssey re-solidifies this statement, cementing Nintendo's mascot as a model hero for each and every one of us.

‘Space Patrol Luluco’: Quality, Not Quantity

Released in 2016, Space Patrol Luluco features thirteen episodes clocking in at a little under eight minutes each, resulting in a total runtime that is akin to that of an average movie.

Talking Point: Do Games Owe Us An Easy Ride?

Should games cater to those who don't desire to be challenged in any form, or should they maintain a minimum difficulty standard that all players must be required to meet? Fire off your thoughts in the comments below.

‘My Hero Academia’: The Superpower Of Being Flawless

When it comes to pure unadulterated fun, no anime hits the nail on the head quite like My Hero Academia.

‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’: Which Story Arc Reigns Supreme?

What do muscular men flaunting flamboyance, outlandish superpowers, and villains bearing names that tribute popular musicians all have in common? They are all staple...

‘Little Witch Academia’ Is Magically Charming

'Little Witch Academia' stands tall as an enjoyable way to get a healthy dose of magic.