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I have spent my life in England finding entertainment in both video games and music. Whilst not indulging in the latter, I invest my time in playing all manner of video games, and as of 2017, writing about all manner of video games. Email: harrymorrisharrymorris@yahoo.com

‘Little Witch Academia’ Is Magically Charming

'Little Witch Academia' stands tall as an enjoyable way to get a healthy dose of magic.

What Could The Rise Of Animal Cruelty In Games Mean?

Animal welfare, like many things, is a divisive issue. Society is brimming with people standing on both sides of the argument, with some holding...

‘Sonic Mania’ – Blue Is Back In Style

Sonic Mania is a phenomenal achievement and pure platforming bliss. It is a true return to form for one of gaming's most iconic mascots.

‘Splatoon 2’: Things That Aren’t So Fresh

Let's take a look at the various flaws that prevent Splatoon 2 from being the showstopper it could have been.

How Faithful Should Anime Be To Manga?

Should manga adaptations follow a pattern of perfect panel-for-panel replication, or adjust stories to fit a different format?

Andromulus – Doomfist Rises (Overwatch Remix)

Should you be a fan of the phenomenally popular multiplayer shooter that is Overwatch, and/or pristinely produced electronic music, then this should certainly not be missed.

nanobii – ‘Sunshine Express’: A Masterclass in Melody

Should your Summer playlists be in need of some happiness infused melodies, I cannot recommend nanobii's Sunshine Express enough.

1996 Redux: ‘Tomb Raider’ — Open World Vs. Linearity

Amongst the many iconic franchises within gaming, Tomb Raider stands confidently amongst them. Fronted by the gun toting and treasure hunting obsessed heroine Lara Croft, the series has spanned over two decades (with Lara's very first adventure being unleashed upon the world in 1996).

Is ‘ARMS’ Currently Worth Buying?

Is ARMS worth your hard earned cash? Does it justify a $60.00 price tag? Is it the right purchase for you?

E3 2017 In A Nutshell

Are you overwhelmed with the E3 news? Do you find that there is simply too much keep track of? Here is an overview of the biggest announcements and details, compacted into a brief list that is ideal for speedy digestion.