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Helen Jones is a Ravenclaw graduate who likes to apparate between her homes in England and Denmark. She spends her time reading fantasy novels, climbing mountains, and loves to play story-focused and experimental indie games like The Stanley Parable or Night in the Woods. She also covers tabletop and board games over at Zatu Games, and you can follow her twitter @BarnacleDrive for updates, blogs, and pictures of mushrooms.

‘Code Vein’ Re-imagines ‘Dark Souls’ as a Gothic Anime Bloodbath

With MCM London Comic Con taking place last weekend we had the chance to sit down and play a full demo of Code Vein:...

MCM Comic Con Plays ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’

An overload of releases might mean a lot of work, but when the games are this good it's hard to complain.
Assassin's Creed Origins

‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ and How Gaming Taught Me History

In many ways, games began my education in history, and if games can awaken a love of history and mythology in others as they have done me, then I can see Assassin’s Creed: Origins going on to stand the test of time.
MCM Comic Con

Your Guide to MCM London Comic Con 2017

Taking place over the weekend of the 27th-29th of October MCM Comic Con has found itself in an envious hotspot between an explosion of new gaming releases this Friday featuring Mario Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Halloween on the 31st ensuring a startling array of cosplayers ready to bare their best outfits.
little nightmares

Indie Collective: Top Five Psychological Horror Games

Indie Collective is a monthly column that brings you the best new indie releases and titles that stand out so you can follow the games that are pushing boundaries, telling new stories, and making gaming the place to be.

‘Stranger Things: The Game’ is surprisingly well-made and hard to put down

Step into the upside down with Stranger Things: The Game, available on iOS and Android, and catch a glimpse of season 2 in time for Halloween

30 Years Since Maniac Mansion: How Adventure Games Have Changed

On this day in 1987 Maniac Mansion was released for the Commodore 64, to be later ported to the up and coming Nintendo Entertainment System for gamers on the cutting edge of 8-bit technology.

‘Ruiner’ – A Brutal Cyberpunk Shooter Designed to Make You Suffer

"You are in Heaven. You’re here to kill the Boss. Do what I say if you want to live." You might feel like you’re in control, but in Ruiner you are the one being played.

First Impressions of ‘Octopath Traveler’: A New Adventure RPG from Square Enix

A first look at Octopath Traveler: a new adventure RPG from Square Enix with big announcements from Nintendo Direct.

How to turn ‘Animal Farm’ into a Video Game of Politics and Fairy-tales

Overall, adapting Orwell is no easy task, but it seems that the team at Animal Farm game are starting down the right lines for a faithful modernization and it’ll be exciting to see how the process develops.