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31 Days of Horror Featured

The Leading Ladies of Horror Games: or the Neglected, Orphaned, Girls of Insane Asylums

Joanna Nelius
Have you ever taken a cold, hard look at the childhoods of female protagonists in horror games? Many of them have been orphaned or abandoned, or put into a mental asylum or orphanage, or some combination of those.
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Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘The Matrix Online’

Joanna Nelius
Not many people can say that a game they never played changed their life, but I can. I’m sure that might seem counter-intuitive, but from the time The Matrix Online was in beta through about a year after launch, I was completely immersed in the game. It was 2004, sometime...
Features Games Games That Changed Our Lives

Games that Changed Our Lives: Exploring the Grieving Process in ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’

Joanna Nelius
When someone says, "that game changed my life," the first thing some people think of is that it changed their life in a grandiose way—in a way that stuck with them well into adulthood.