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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Bridges the Communication Gap

Kyle Rogacion
Earlier this week, CD Projekt Red publicly revealed gameplay footage of their upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, for the first time. The Twitch stream clocked in nearly 300,000 viewers, and showed an impressive amount of features. Audiences witnessed the neon grime of Night City, horrific marvels of technology, and thrilling futuristic gunfights.
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Tank to the Skies: ‘Treadnauts’ Launches on Consoles!

Kyle Rogacion
Batten down the hatches and rev up those engines: Treadnauts has launched on consoles! Fans of Smash Bros. and Gunbound will feel right at home in this unique genre mashup. Whether you’re looking for a fun party game or white-knuckle competition, Treadnauts has it all. So what is Treadnauts? The

‘Darling in the Franxx’ Check-in: Ending With a Whimper

Kyle Rogacion
Spoilers for Darling in the Franxx below Franxx has been many things throughout its run, from a campy metaphor for puberty to an endearing character-driven coming-of-age story. What I never expected it to be, however, was disappointing. I don’t normally use that word to describe media, as I often temper my

E3 2018 PC Gaming Show Wrap Up: Quality and Quantity

Kyle Rogacion
E3 2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster (to say the least). Whether it was EA’s embarrassingly out of touch presentation or Devolver’s insane performances, E3 has been a series of one extreme after another. By the time PC Gaming Show rolled around I wasn’t sure what to