Kyle Rogacion

June 22, 2018

‘Octopath Traveler’ Brings it Back to JRPG Basics

In a small three hour demo, Octopath Traveler has done an incredible job at showing all that it has to offer. It's a game that respects the ones to come before. It embraces what made them great while recognizing their flaws.
June 18, 2018
history of E3

The History of E3: Looking Back on Gaming’s Biggest Event

Over the past twenty-three years, E3 has evolved and adapted to fit the ever-changing landscape of the video game industry and culture surrounding it.
June 14, 2018

5 Most Anticipated Indie Games From E3

E3 has handily proven that indies cover a wide range of content, visions, and talent. Whether you're in the mood for a lighthearted romp, action-filled chaos, or somber storytelling, indie games have got you covered.
June 12, 2018

E3 2018 PC Gaming Show Wrap Up: Quality and Quantity

E3 2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster (to say the least). Whether it was EA’s embarrassingly out of touch presentation or Devolver’s insane performances, E3 has been a series of one extreme after another. By the time PC Gaming Show rolled around I wasn’t sure what to […]
May 9, 2018

‘Tiny Bubbles’ Review: Tide Pod Puzzle Extravaganza

Tiny Bubbles is a deceptively simple game that shines through its colorfully appealing design. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but polishes it to a shiny sparkle. Both the puzzles and the process of solving them are satisfying enough to leave you in a relaxing state of bubble zen.
April 29, 2018
Darling in the FRANXX

‘Darling in the FRANXX’ Check-in: Roller Coaster of Emotions

With Episode 15 of Darling in the FRANXX, we've reached the end of Act 2. My original misgivings about the show's pacing have gone away with every Saturday since it started airing. What other shows try to do over 24 episodes, FRANXX has already accomplished in two-thirds that time.
April 16, 2018
end times

‘Vermintide 2’ – The World is Ending; Time to Fight Back

It's the end of the Old World as we know it. The Empire of Man lies in flames, overrun with hordes of ravenous ratmen and berserking Nords. Light fades on the mortal races, who claw desperately for survival. But hold fast, brave citizen of the Empire! In this grim and dire apocalypse of the End Times, five heroes lead the charge against darkness.
April 15, 2018

A New Generation of Game Development: An Interview with Sciman101

A lot has changed from the days of Newgrounds and flash games. Indie gamedev has exploded from the proliferation of free game-development. To make games, all you really need is a computer, an internet connection, and the discipline to see your work through. Sciman101 belongs to this new generation.
March 7, 2018

‘Darling in the FRANXX’ – A Bumpy Start to a Fun Ride

After a bumpy start, the first third of FRANXX has proven to be an entertainingly unique blend of Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures.
March 5, 2018

‘The Final Station’ Review: A Trip Through Mediocrity

The Final Station tries to do many things, but fails to deliver on any of them. It has some interesting ideas, but explores no deeper than the surface. It's a perfectly serviceable game, but you're better off looking elsewhere for a fresh and exciting experience.