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"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives." - Eddard Stark

Trailer Anatomy #004 – No Gods or Kings, only Trailers

Join me as I list 5 ways the best video game trailer of all time succeeds in what it sets out to do.

‘Old Time Hockey’ Review – High and Wide

It seems like rather than focusing on making a fun game, V7 put all their attention into finding ways to go against the typical sports game formula, and their success in that regard lends heavily to their game's failure.

‘Flywrench’ Review – Joyous Success Born Through Successive Failure

Drifting through space, equal parts agile and fragile; victory consistently within grasp but failure always just one misstep away.
Halo Wars 2

‘Halo Wars 2’ Review – King of the (mole) hill

The events of the original Halo Wars took place 21 years prior to those of Halo: Combat Evolved, and the game concluded with the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire entering cryo sleep. Skip ahead 28 years, right past the events of all five mainline Halo titles, and we arrive at the starting point of Halo Wars 2.

‘Sniper Elite 4’ Review – Several Inches Off the Mark

As prolific as sniping is in gaming, the virtual recreation of the act is a far cry from its real life counterpart, and for good reason. Sitting in a single spot for hours on end while patiently waiting for your spotter to identify a target wouldn't exactly translate to a thrilling gameplay experience.

The Top 5 Box Arts of 2016

Sometimes box arts are perfect representations of the game they embody, sometimes they're blatant lies, and most of the time they are somewhere in-between.

Trailer Anatomy #003 – Emotional Resonance

Trailer Anatomy is a series in which I analyze video game trailers. To see other entries in the series please click here. Whether you're a...

Trailer Anatomy #002 – No Words Needed

Trailer Anatomy is a series in which I analyze video game trailers. To see other entries in the series please click here. If patience truly...

The Top 10 All-Time ‘Halo’ Multiplayer Maps

I've spent a considerable amount of my life running around in a virtual set of Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor. With over two thousand hours...

‘Aragami’ Review – Become One With the Shadows

Aragami Developer(s): Lince Works Publisher(s): Maximum Games Platform(s): Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 4 Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 Release date: October 4, 2016 These days it's common to see stealth...