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Maxwell N is a writer and content developer from Los Angeles, California, Immensely fascinated by the arts and interactive media, his views and opinions are backed by a vast knowledge of and passion for film, music, literature and game history in general. His hobbies, outside of gaming, include fiction writing, creating experimental soundscapes, and photography. He lives with his wife and pet potato/parrot. He can mostly be found hanging around Twitter as @maxn_

The Dark, Deranged but Beautiful Audio/Video Assault of ‘The Adventures of Batman & Robin’...

Reflecting on its 25th Anniversary, there are few television shows that have had an impact on pop culture like Batman: The Animated Series. But, there are even fewer games like The Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis that have been able to successfully twist a licensed adaptation into a force to be reckoned with.

‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Swept Right for a 2017 Release

A matriarchal sequel to Reigns has been announced for a 2017 digital release for the App Store, Google Play Store and PC/Mac systems.

Playing ‘Gravity Rush 2’ as a Photographer

It’s safe to say that Gravity Rush 2 is the only game I have played that enabled me to incorporate my eye for photography within the game itself.

‘Katamari Damacy’ creator’s upcoming ‘Wattam’ gets new teaser and release info

After a long period of radio silence, a new teaser trailer and updated information has been revealed for Wattam, the newest off-the-wall addition to Keita Takahashi's (creator of Katamari and Noby Noby Boy) already zany repertoire.

Nintendo’s Miiverse Service for Wii U and 3DS to be Discontinued in November 2017

It has been announced that "Miiverse", Nintendo's (sorta) social network service for Wii U and the 3DS family of handheld devices, will be disconnected permanently come November 7th, 2017.

One Year Later: Where Does ‘No Man’s Sky’ Stand?

About one year ago, No Man’s Sky (NMS), developed by an aspiring indie team Hello Games, crash-landed into the current gen and PC marketplace leaving a wave a confusion and terror in its wake.

Picking The Brains of Brain&Brain, The Indie Devs Behind ‘Burly Men at Sea’

Goomba Stomp got the opportunity to talk adventure and the gaming industry with Brooke and David Condolora, the married duo behind the acclaimed 'Burly Men at Sea'.

Brain&Brain’s storybook-like ‘Burly Men at Sea’ coming to PS4/Vita on Sept. 19

Writing on PlayStation Blog, Brain&Brain has announced that their quietly celebrated storybook/adventure title, Burly Men at Sea is coming to both PS4 and PS Vita on September 19th, 2017.

A Look At ‘Namco Museum’ For Nintendo Switch

The newest addition to the Namco Museum series, this time for the Nintendo Switch, might just be the alleviation needed for the meantime.

NES ‘Duck Hunt’ Inspired Map Forged in ‘Halo 5’

Of course, this isn't an emulation of the original Duck Hunt game, but rather a goofy homage to everyone's favorite (or maybe not-so-favorite, considering the Zapper only worked for me 50% of the time) first-person wild game hunting simulator.