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‘Tembo the Badass Elephant’ Could Be the Retro Throwback You’ve Been Waiting For

Mike Worby
In the many, many (many) retro throwbacks that have appeared over the last decade, there have been a lot of things that have consistently worked toward a titles success, from the deliberate nostalgic touches, to the grueling difficulty curves, to the catchy music that has become such a staple of...
N64 20 Year Anniversary Rare Spotlight

Rare Replay: ‘Jet Force Gemini’ remains a hidden gem in the truest extent of the term

Mike Worby
Despite the awkward interim development and ugly 3D of its graphics, the N64, with its eerily shaped controller and under-utilized “camera” buttons (hint: that’s what C stood for, on all four of ’em) gave birth to a staggering amount of first and second party classics during its six year run,...

Mushroom King-doom: Exploring the Design Flaws of ‘Super Mario Maker’

Mike Worby
With the release of a new title in the legendary Super Mario Bros. series, there always follows a tidal wave of hype and fanfare. Last month’s arrival of Super Mario Maker was, of course, no exception but with that said, there seems to be a change this time around…people have already stopped...