Monday, March 19, 2018
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Mitch Stewart

Mitch is a writer from Saskatoon, SK. His top three gaming franchises are Hitman, Grand Theft Auto, and Fallout. An avid writer and gamer, he has embraced the chance to combine both his loves.

Was ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ a Vehicle for ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’?

I fear that the next iteration of the series will be GTA Online all over again, except with no single player component and rife with micro transactions.

‘The Majesty of Colors’: Unlike the Water, This Game Isn’t Deep

'The Majesty of Colors' is an interesting, albeit, short game.

‘HITMAN’s Episodic Release Schedule Works, and Elusive Targets Are Getting There

One of the biggest problems with new releases now is that when they’re released, most gamers play the daylights out of them and complete the main story. Then the game is ‘done’, for all intents and purposes.

Is Trevor Phillips the Best ‘GTA V’ Protagonist?

While Michael and Franklin may have their own compelling personality traits, they both pale in comparison to Trevor Phillips.