Patrick Murphy

June 20, 2018

E3 2018 Hands-on: ‘Rage 2’ is Good, but Ice Cream is Better

Melted faces or melted dessert? The Rage 2 hands-on demo takes all comers at E3 2018.
June 17, 2018

E3 2018 Hands-On: ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ Shows Surface Potential Despite the Empty Space

'Starlink: Battle for Atlas' sets the stage for space exploration. But is there anything out there to find?
April 10, 2018
A Quiet Place

‘A Quiet Place’ is Best Seen and Not Heard — Or Pondered

As long as you don't think about the logistical shortcomings, 'A Quiet Place' is an effective creature feature.
March 14, 2018

‘Cold Hell’ Simmers to a Vengeful Boil

Alternately eerie and exhilarating, 'Cold Hell' doesn't disappoint.
February 23, 2018

‘Mute’ Tells a Sci-Fi Story That Could Have Benefited From Less to Say

Sci-fi is often used to great effect in exploring the vast, infinite aspects of humanity, but can't go anywhere unless it picks a direction.
February 6, 2018

‘Dandara’ – A Breath of Fresh Air in the Countless Corridors of the Metroidvania Mine

Due to the unique gameplay, a strangely alluring setting, and just the right level of challenge, 'Dandara' feels like a breath of fresh air in the countless corridors of the Metroidvania mine.
February 4, 2018

75 Years Later: As Time Goes By, We’ll Always Have ‘Casablanca’

The unrequited love at the heart of 'Casablanca' was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that has lasted a lifetime.
January 19, 2018

‘The Post’ is the Type of Old-Fashioned Storytelling That Should Never Go Out of Print

'The Post' offers old-fashioned storytelling that may not reflect the times, but certainly scoops it.
January 16, 2018

‘World to the West’ is a Journey With Too Many Stops Along the Way

'World to the West' contains some enjoyable puzzles and a colorful land to explore, but its character-swapping mechanic ultimately holds it back.
January 4, 2018

Some Additional Movie “Bests” of 2017

Film Editor Patrick Murphy singles out some of his favorite (and least favorite) films and moments from 2017's movies.