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The TV Roundtable Podcast Episode 1 – Don’t Make Those Omelettes with Isiah Thomas

Randy Dankievitch
Like Laura Moon, The TV Roundtable podcast is terrible at dying. In what amounts to their fourth “first” episode in as many years, TV Editor Randy Dankievitch and long-time colleague and friend Sean Colletti are back in the ‘casting chairs to revive The TV Roundtable podcast once again. And what better...
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A heavy dose of visual effervescence can’t save a plodding ‘American Gods’

Randy Dankievitch
Like a crackle of lightning over the open sea, Orlando Jones’ Mr. Nancy opens American Gods’ second episode with a powerful monologue, a broad encapsulation of the hundreds of years of fuckery and torture perpetrated against black lives, simply because some Dutch motherfuckers decided different skin tones made for different destinies....
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‘American Gods’ finally arrives with a flashy, opaque premiere

Randy Dankievitch
For those who worship Bryan Fuller as the aesthetic god of the Peak TV era, the first episode of Starz’s long-anticipated American Gods is a masturbatory delight. Slow motion blood spray, orgasmic montages, a brilliantly chaotic score; from every corner of “The Bone Orchard”, Fuller’s aesthetics and penchant for the grandiose are on...
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‘Riverdale’ “Chapter One: The River’s Edge” is a trashy, beautiful twist on the Archie mythos

Randy Dankievitch
The many dog-eared digests of Archie Comics stashed with my other childhood belongings hold a series of simple truths, consistent in each and every volume. Archie is a lovable dumbass who wins over the people of Riverdale with his winning smile and completely clueless, utterly wholesome soul.