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Our 35 Most Anticipated Games of 2018 (Part 2)

2017 was such an incredible year for video games and 2018 looks to be just as promising. The Goomba Stomp staff has put together a list of the 35 most anticipated video games of 2018.

Our 35 Most Anticipated Games of 2018 (Part 1)

We here at Goomba Stomp have gone ahead with our yearly tradition of providing you with a list of our most anticipated games of the year.

It’s a New Year and We Are Looking for Writers to Join our Team

We are looking for talented writers to join our team and help us produce opinion pieces, columns, features, reviews, and/or essays on a gaming, TV and film.

2017: The Best New Nintendo Characters

2017 brought several noteworthy new personalities into the mix most notably from the Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem franchise, and so we decided to write about some of our favourites.

2017: Looking Back at Some of Goomba Stomp’s Best TV/Film Articles

2017 brought many changes to Goomba Stomp, but perhaps the biggest was the addition of Sordid Cinema, our film and TV section. Many of...

2017: Looking Back at Some of Goomba Stomp’s Best Nintendo Articles

Here is a collection of Nintendo articles, chosen by our staff, to highlight the fantastic year that Nintendo has had. Enjoy!

2017: Looking Back at Some of Goomba Stomp’s Best Gaming Articles

Here are just a few of our favorite gaming articles published this year. Hopefully, some of you will take the time to read over some of the amazing articles you may have missed.

2017: Looking Back at Some of Goomba Stomp’s Best Indie Game Articles

Goomba Stomp spent much of 2017 exploring newer indies, popular indies, and hidden gems. Our talented writers delved into the indie market; playing hours...

The Best Movies of 2017

The Goomba Stomp/Sordid Cinema crew puts together their list of the best movies of 2017.

The 35 Best TV Shows of 2017 (Part 2)

With nearly 500 scripted series available to watch in 2017, television officially exited the Peak TV era, nestling firmly into its new identity, which we semi-affectionately refer to as the Most TV generation of television.