Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle isn’t the easiest game on the planet. Players that have made it to the second half of the game can attest to this, as later stages require plenty of planning and preparation. This is why it’s important to come prepared with effective team compositions, as simply picking two random characters to fight alongside Mario won’t get you too far. While each character is certainly useful in their own right, it’s the synergy of the entire team that should matter the most. Here are the two teams I found to be the most useful during my playthrough of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

I couldn’t resist.

Mario, Rabbid Peach, and Luigi: Ready for Anything

This is probably the safest overall pick. Each of these characters plays a role in either dealing damage, keeping the team alive, or buffing the party. Rabbid Peach’s healing ability should be maxed out as quickly as possible. Once it is, it can heal a majority of the team’s health bar in one turn. Luigi’s range makes it so the team never has to put themselves in a risky situation. He can sit back and pick off larger threats while increasing everyone’s movement with his Itchy Feet ability. He can also defend the party with his Steely Stare, as the fully upgraded version allows him to shoot moving enemies three times in one turn.

This team can be played rather defensively, as it’s easiest to make the enemies have to come to you. Luigi and Rabbid Peach both have access to the car bomb as their secondary weapon, which can be used to guard against enemies approaching from two sides. If enemies get too close, Luigi can use his double jump ability to create distance between him and the enemy while Mario goes in with the hammer. This team also works really well for escort missions, as the Itchy Feet buff works on Toad/Toadette as well.

Beefy enemies like this one go down easily with the High Risk, High Reward team!

Mario, Rabbid Mario, and Peach: High Risk, High Reward

This was by far my favorite team to use near the end of the game. The amount of damage this team can do in a turn is absolutely silly, especially if the enemies are close together. Peach should be sticking close to the other two characters so that she can heal them every single turn with her team jump. Rabbid Mario can draw in opponents with his ability and then dash into each of them. The difference here is that Rabbid Mario’s dashes also deal explosion damage to nearby enemies, which adds up when they are all grouped together.

With two hammers and Mario’s damage boosting ability, large enemies like Smashers can be dropped easily. While it does take some strategic planning to get your team close enough to bring out the heavy damage, it’s worth it when you can down a mid-boss in one turn. Peach’s rubber ducky can also be used to destroy pesky cover. One thing to watch out for is the explosion damage caused by the shotguns, hammers, and abilities. They can also deal damage to friendly teammates, so caution should be applied here. That being said, this is the best team to use if you are concerned about long term sustain and damage. Boss fights are best approached with this combination.

yoshi bazooka
Yoshi also has access to the long range bazooka that Rabbid Luigi uses.

Alternate Team: Mario, Rabbid Peach, and Yoshi

This is similar to the first team in terms of range and sustain, and Yoshi’s primary weapon can hit from pretty decent distances. However, this team works nicely for players that find it hard to work around Luigi’s small health pool. Yoshi is the tankiest character in the game, with well over 600 health with the right skill tree upgrades. Even though he can hit enemies from a distance, he can also close the gap with his ground pound team jump ability. One mistake can cause Luigi to go down in one turn during some of the late game missions, however this likely won’t happen with Yoshi.

This team isn’t quite as good for escort missions because it’s missing itchy feet, however, it’s versatility makes it a great pick for most of the challenges in the game. Try to make Yoshi the enemy’s main target if possible, as this will allow Mario and Rabbid Peach to flank from the side.

These certainly aren’t the only viable options to use in the game, as all of the characters are completely viable. With whatever team composition you decide to run, just make sure there is some form of sustain. This can either be from direct healing abilities or the Vampire status effect that heals the player for a percentage of the amount of damage dealt.

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