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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2018: Most Anticipated Films

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The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling genre film festivals around the world. In only in its third year, the event has been praised by many major outlets as a welcome addition to the already crowded festival circuit and one of the most not-to-be-missed events in New York City. Taking place in venues throughout the borough, the festival screens some of the best new independent genre films and hosts some pretty spectacular parties and other events. Last year’s lineup included such films as the visually arresting German serial killer thriller Cold Hell and the over-the-top, blood-splattered, action-horror-comedy Mayhem, to name just a few. This year, the lineup is even better and for the third year in a row, Goomba Stomp will be there to cover the event. There are a lot of promising new films we can’t wait to see but if you are strapped for time or cash, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of our four most anticipated movies to watch.

knife + heart review

Knife + Heart

Knife + Heart (Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur) has been described as “an ultra-stylish and blood-soaked ode to ’70s-era De Palma, Argento, and Friedkin”. It the second feature from former film critic and now French movie director Yann Gonzalez. The film follows a masked serial killer who stalks a producer and her film company in 1979, on the eve of the AIDS epidemic.

Knife + Heart movie


Known for productions like Anal Fury and Homocidal, successful gay porn producer Anne (Vanessa Paradis) takes her skin flicks as seriously as the most greatness-minded auteur would his or her own prestige dramas. But Anne isn’t the only one who’s infatuated with her company’s films—one by one, and in an exceedingly brutal fashion, someone is butchering Anne’s actors. As she tracks down the killer, Anne begins recreating the murders as part of an elaborate new project, all while losing track of what’s real, who’s dead, and who’s next on the chopping block.

Field Guide To Evil ReviewField Guide To Evil

Choosing to watch a horror anthology seems like a safe bet since chances are you are bound to like at least one of the short films. And the chances of you liking Field Guide to Evil are even stronger given the nine incredibly talented directors behind the camera, which includes Goomba Stomp favorite, Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio, The Duke Of Burgundy, In Fabric).

Field Guide to Evil


No matter where you’re from, two things are universal: fear and death. To exemplify that in the most horror-minded way possible, the minds behind the ABCs of Death films have assembled The Field Guide To Evil, an anthology of eight shorts that explore nightmare-geared legends specific to the filmmaker’s own native country. The sights include an Austrian ghoul known as the Trud (via Goodnight Mommy directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala), a Polish heart-eating ritual (The Lure’s Agnieszka Smoczynska), a Turkish djinn (Baskin helmer Can Evrenol), and backwoods American mongoloids (The Rambler’s Calvin Reeder).



I’ve already seen and reviewed Luz, but I can’t wait to see it again. Not only is it one of my favourite films of 2018 but Luz is a real treat for fans of vintage horror cinema, in particular, the experimental Giallo genre. There’s something truly hypnotic about the way the film unravels; it’s a horror film of unusual substance and vision, and looks, sounds, and feels like a movie made decades ago — and not a movie made by a filmmaker imitating the films he watched growing up.

Luz movie review


On an otherwise nondescript night, taxi driver Luz walks into a police station, claiming that she’s been assaulted. Nearby in a bar, a mysterious woman named Nora is working her magic on Dr. Rossini, recounting how her lover recently jumped out of a taxi. As both situations transpire, the connections between Luz and Nora set the stage for a demonic night from hell for those unfortunate souls who’ve encountered the two women on this particular evening.

Cam Movie


Cam is the one movie I deeply regret not watching at the Fantasia Film Festival this summer since everyone I know has said it is one of the best horror films of 2018. Our very own Thomas O’Connor wrote, “The power of horror, or one of them, is to confront us with the unpleasant realities we’ve worked to overlook. Cam does just that, weaving a hugely unsettling story that feels especially timely given the recent surge in attention around online harassment”.



After introducing shocking acts of self-mutilation to her performances, webcam girl Alice flies up the charts of just like she’s always wanted. Before she can enjoy her newfound success, her account is stolen by someone who looks exactly like her and performs in an identical room yet is nowhere to be found.


The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival runs October 11 – October 18. Visit the festival’s official website for more info.

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