31 Days of Horror

October 31, 2017

Fear Transcends Cultural Boundaries in ‘Detention’

Detention Developer(s): RedCandleGames Publisher(s): RedCandleGames, Coconut Island Games, AGM PLAYISM Platform(s): PC, macOS, Linux, PS4 Reviewed on: PC Release date(s): January 13, 2017 (PC, macOS, Linux) / October 3, 2017 (PS4) Links: Website | Steam | Facebook The uncanny valley, a sociocultural phenomenon first hypothesized by Masahiro Mori, proposes “that […]
October 29, 2017

The Odd History of ‘Rule of Rose’

Rule of Rose pushed a lot of weird boundaries for its time; both in story and visual content.
October 28, 2017

‘Halloween’ Shouldn’t Be A Series

Some movies call for sequels; 'Halloween' isn't one of them.
October 28, 2017

Pixel Perfect: ‘Vermintide’ Brings the Grim Darkness of ‘The End Times’ to Life

With the gameplay reveal of Vermintide 2, Fatshark is delving deeper into the chaotic abyss of Warhammer Fantasy's "End Times".
October 28, 2017

‘The Cabin in the Woods’: A Killer Commentary on Horror Tropes

It's been a little over 5 years since Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's everything and the kitchen sink take on horror movie tropes, Cabin in the Woods, first rolled into theaters, and none of its charm has been diminished in the interim. 
October 24, 2017

‘We Are Still Here’ Is A Well-Crafted, Old-Fashioned Ghost Story

Ted Geoghegan’s directorial debut 'We Are Still Here' doesn’t break new ground, but serves as a suspenseful and well-crafted old-fashioned ghost story.
October 24, 2017
little nightmares

Indie Collective: Top Five Psychological Horror Games

Indie Collective is a monthly column that brings you the best new indie releases and titles that stand out so you can follow the games that are pushing boundaries, telling new stories, and making gaming the place to be.
October 23, 2017

150 Greatest Horror Films of the 20th Century

It is impossible to make a definitive list of the best horror films but what follows is a list of my personal 150 favorite horror films of the 20th century accompanied by a few special mentions.
October 22, 2017

‘The Void’ Brings to Light a Classic Horror Movie Trend

'The Void' should stand as a reminder of what good horror truly looks like, and why we need a revival in the genre.
October 15, 2017

5 Upcoming Horror-based Titles That Look Wonderful

2017 for the most part has been filled with some fantastic games, and horror has really taken genre-related strides this year. Friday the 13th, Dead by Daylight, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Little Nightmares, PREY, and the recently released The Evil Within 2 are all contenders for the best horror games of the year.