Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dark Anime Ichiban: Matt’s Least Favourite Instances Of CG Animation

CG has always been the awkward step-child of the anime world, but sometimes that step-child goes beyond awkward and into downright dysfunctional. Let's take a look at some examples in this installment of Dark Anime Ichiban.

‘Citrus’ Mid-Season Review: Emotionally Charged Yuri Romance

Yuri drama/romance series Citrus has greatly impressed over the first half of the season, forming a dramatic and emotionally thrilling romance story between two unique characters. The series follows Yuzu Aihara, a girl who refers to herself as a 'gyaru'...

Anime Ichiban: George’s Top 10 Moments in ‘Dragon Ball’ (Part 1)

With Dragon Ball FighterZ’s successful launch and awesome gameplay, I figured it was about the right time to take a look at some of the franchise’s most iconic scenes and sequences.

‘Land of the Lustrous’ Review: An Imperfect Jewel

Despite a rather unbalanced narrative, Land of the Lustrous is most enjoyable, and a technical marvel to behold.

Anime Ichiban: Kyle’s Favourite ‘Fun And Catchy’ Opening Themes

In this installment of Anime Ichiban, I talk about 10 anime OPs whose unceasingly bright tones and color palettes highlight all things fun, happy, and ★~kawaii~★. These cheery beats have bored their way into my skull, filling it with sunshine and smiles against my better judgment.

Anime Ichiban: Harry’s Favourite Opening Themes

In Anime Ichiban, we take a look at our writer's totally personal, totally subjective, possibly biased, and possibly stupid opinions regarding anime associated affairs.

‘Devilman Crybaby’ Reminds Us What It Means to Be Human

To be human is to be capable of overwhelming good and evil. 'Devilman Crybaby' abounds with a wide spectrum of powerful emotions and doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable. A steady beat pulses, a tempo, a sign that within the chaos beats the heart of humanity.

‘A Sister’s All You Need’, And All You Need To Do Is Watch It

A Sister's All You Need takes the award for Most Misleading Title of the Fall 2017 anime season. Too bad that award will most likely cause many anime fans to pass on this wonderfully delightful series.

The Refreshing Perspective of ‘Recovery of an MMO Junkie’

Recovery of an MMO Junkie presents a rare portrayal of how the genre of video games could have a profound, positive effect on an individual's life.

‘Hunter x Hunter’ (2011) Review: Hunting For A Better Sense Of Pacing

Hunter x Hunter exists as something of a rarity. Despite being of the Shōnen genre and boasting a lofty 148 episode quota, it bears...