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Nintendo Details Games Coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS

During a Nintendo Direct video presentation, Nintendo provided details for more than 40 games launching for Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS.

CoroCoro Reveals the Identities on the ‘Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’ Covers

CoroCoro magazine has revealed some new information regarding Necrozma for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Nintendo is Bringing Back the NES Classic and Increasing Production of the SNES Mini

Nintendo Increases Inventory of Super NES Classic Edition; NES Classic Edition Returns to Stores in 2018

Stephen King Taught Me To Think

The books of Stephen King have influenced pulled at me over many years and many visits to the stack of books by the toilet.

‘The Suffering’ and its Sequel Brought Back from the Dead on PC by GOG

After years of obscurity on the PC, The Suffering and its sequel The Suffering: Ties That Bind are finally available DRM-free, courtesy of GOG.com

A Day At The 2017 Nintendo World Championships Qualifying Round

This years qualifying round was a big improvement over the 2015 version.

‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Swept Right for a 2017 Release

A matriarchal sequel to Reigns has been announced for a 2017 digital release for the App Store, Google Play Store and PC/Mac systems.

Talking Point: Denuvo, DRM and Game Preservation

The announcement of 'Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition' and the release of 'Sonic Mania' on PC revive everyone's favorite topic: Denuvo.
super play

Super Play Magazine Revived for the SNES Classic Edition Launch

Future Publishing is reviving one of its most famous UK magazines for the launch of the SNES Classic Edition - Super Play.

Legendary Pokémon Raikou, Entei And Suicune Added To ‘Pokémon GO’

The Pokémon Company International have revealed a trio of Legendary Pokémon originally from the Johto region—Raikou, Entei, and Suicune — will soon appear around the world in Pokémon GO. Trainers will be able to discover, battle, and have the chance to catch the three Legenda