Buffyversed #24: “Ted” is the Cyber Step-Dad from Hell

Isn't it a bit remarkable that we're only 23 episodes into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and we've already had not one but two honest to goodness robots?

Buffyversed #23: “What’s My Line, Pt. 2” Lines Itself Up For Things to Come

Luckily, this week, only the strong have survived, making the second part of "What's My Line" a significant pay-off from its middling, disjointed first act. 

Buffyversed #22: “What’s My Line, Pt. 1” is a Bit of an Over-stuffed Taco

Okay gang, we're heading over the last hill. We can still do this, we can take back tomorrow! We can change things for the better! We can hold back the unholy legions! We can... wait, sorry, what's my line?

Buffyversed #21: “The Dark Age” — A Glimpse Into a Sordid History

You might recall a couple of weeks back that we got our first look into Giles' surprisingly dark past when Ethan Rayne showed up to generally mess about with Sunnydale's Halloween hujinks. This week, we're doubling down on that sordid back story with the appropriately named "The Dark Age".

Buffyversed #20: Does Buffy Kind of Suck? — An Interview

Hey there folks, well here we are, nearly 20 episodes in. Cristina, of the "Cristina Says" section of this very column confessed to me that she wasn't really feeling Buffy the Vampire Slayer so much at this point, and so I thought I would sit down with her and gather her thoughts on her experience with the show so far.

Buffyversed #19: “Lie to Me” — A Thorough, Brutal Take on Coming of Age

Like its forebears, Twin Peaks and The X-Files, Buffy is never a pitch perfect show but when Whedon and co. nail it, they nail it. This weeks episode, "Lie to Me", is the start of the kind of TV that The Wire creator, David Simon, was jealous of, even while he was penning one of the greatest prestige television shows of all time.

Buffyversed #18: “Halloween” — A Sinister Case of Wish Fulfillment

This one is a lot of fun. The concept in general of a Halloween where you become what you dress up as has a sinister tone of wish fulfillment to it, and that idea permeates gloriously into the titular "Halloween" of the episode.

Buffyversed #17: Creepers Gonna Creep in “Reptile Boy”

After last week's middling "Inca Mummy Girl", the similarly named "Reptile Boy" is a much needed change of pace. Like many of the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, "Reptile Boy" takes an allegorical look at an issue that many high school students will face and puts a supernatural spin on it. 

Buffyversed #16: “Inca Mummy Girl” Provides Another Reason to Stay Single

It's sort of a running joke that almost everyone Xander ends up dating on this show is a monster of some kind, and "Inca Mummy Girl" is one of the early examples that proves the rule.

Buffyversed #15: “School Hard” Spikes Things Up Considerably

Things are shaken up wonderfully this week with the infamous "School Hard", as Whedon and co. hit reset on the villain, and the trajectory of season 2 in general.