‘Rogue One’ is not the Star Wars you’re looking for

Why 'Rogue one' gets being a good Star Wars movie all wrong.
Final Fantasy IX

‘Final Fantasy IX’ is an Often Overlooked Classic

It seems like Final Fantasy IX was destined to be overlooked right from the outset. The game was released for the original PlayStation after the PlayStation 2 was out and selling like warm buns, and the high fantasy setting was in stark contrast to the popular cyber-punk and more realistic settings of FFVII and VIII (two of the best selling entries in the whole series).

Marketing the Gamecube, 15 years later and what went wrong?

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It comes as no surprise to know that the GameCube was considered a commercial flop. Released this...

Remembering Some of ‘Uncharted’s’ Greatest Moments

Remembering Some of ‘Uncharted’s’ Greatest Moments and what Naughty Dog did to make them so memorable.

Celebrating gaming characters of 2016

There are countless characters that are also worthy of recognition that couldn't fit into this feature but we'd love to hear some of your favourite characters portrayed in gaming this year.

The Top 5 ‘Splatoon’ Maps We Want to See Return

Splatoon had some amazing maps that need to return. With an eye to the future, here are some of my top picks and how to remix them.

Devolver Just Trolled Their Way to the Top of E3

Every year the inevitable discussion following the E3 conferences is who "won" the show. Thousands, or possibly millions, of gamers will tally the different presentations, weighing factors like showmanship, reveals, trailers, and demos to determine an overall winner, a point that will likely be argued until approximately the start of next years E3.

Formatting Errors & Walking Simulators

The Unexpected Ignorance to the Virtue of Video Games Picture this. Woody Allen’s got a new film coming out. He’s promised a rich story, full...

Behind the girl power, ‘Wonder Woman’ ends up being just one of the guys

Bringing such an icon to the screen for the first time offers an opportunity for rebellion in the genre, but ultimately 'Wonder Woman' plays it too safe to be interesting.
Uncharted Movie

Film Adaptations of Story-driven Video Games Undermine the Medium

Despite the tainted history of film adaptations of video games, there is movement yet again to capitalize on the rising popularity of games through film.