Strike A Pose: Link is Dressed To Kill

The original earthy green garb, gave the impression that Link’s modest guise was merely a peasant’s attire, cementing him as a folk hero before transforming into someone extraordinary by significant life events.

‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ is Keeping Things Remarkably Fresh

Telltale's first foray into the everlasting mythology of the caped crusader was nothing short of a success. It took characters that you thought you understood and changed them into unique, fun house mirror versions of themselves.

The Film-To-Game Perfection of Alien: Isolation

The plight of the film-to-video-game adaptation has been a difficult one. Historically, movie-licensed games have failed to live up to their source material due...

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 1) Now You’re Playing With Power

Nintendo is celebrating what is arguably one of its greatest years in the company’s history and so what better way to celebrate Goomba Stomp’s Two Year anniversary than with a list of our 200 favourite games released exclusively on a Nintendo console.

‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Undoubtedly Ranks as the Best Horror Film of All Time

When someone hears the title The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, they might just pass it off as just another inane slasher flick, but in fact,...

James Goes to Gamescom – Day One

Gamescom 2017 has started, with much excitement and huge announcements to come. Here's day one at the Koelnmesse.
The Wire Best of

The Best of ‘The Wire’: A Superlative List

From the most emotional scenes to the greatest hairdo, a list of bests on 'The Wire'

Top 10 Games with Indie Editor, Katrina Lind

We examine the dark and twisted mind of Katrina Lind, Gomba Stomp's Indie Editor, in our latest Top 10 Games feature.

Playing ‘Gravity Rush 2’ as a Photographer

It’s safe to say that Gravity Rush 2 is the only game I have played that enabled me to incorporate my eye for photography within the game itself.

Quick Time Events: In Defense of Gaming’s Most Unpopular Mechanic

Quick Time Events have been around for a surprisingly long time; however, it wasn’t until Sega’s 1999 classic Shenmue that they became an established part of the gaming landscape. In fact, director Yu Suzuki was actually credited with coining the term many have come to know and loathe in the first place.