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First conceived way back in 2008, only one short year after the release of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS3, a big screen adaptation of Naughty Dog’s iconic action-adventure series has been in the works for almost a decade now.
Sports games have a wealth of mechanics and conventions to offer gaming as a whole, they just need the right people to find the pieces that together to create something as unique and awesome as Pyre, Blood Bowl or Rocket League.
Last month, our managing games editor Mike Worby argued that its high time for Nintendo to adopt achievements. All the competing systems in the past decade have incorporated achievements, ever since Microsoft introduced them in 2005. Nintendo have been the only major console developer to not adopt the system in any shape or form.
With the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey being only the third Mario game in the same vein as Super Mario 64 (following Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine), it is high time to reexamine one of the evergreen staples of the video game canon.
Remembering Some of ‘Uncharted’s’ Greatest Moments and what Naughty Dog did to make them so memorable.
In the third installment in Analyzing Uncharted, we explore the disconnect between gameplay and narrative in Drake's Deception.
Despite its fantastic gameplay, 'Splatoon 2' consistently (and annoyingly) reigns players in.
Many fans and critics alike have commented on the relative monotony of the AAA games industry to no end - why is it that we get a new Call of Duty or Madden every year when each installment is...
As we await the upcoming film, these are the best moments in history for Captain Marvel, aka Shazam.
Don’t let the all-important “score” of a game determine whether or not you will allow yourself to enjoy it.