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The main section of Goomba Stomp, here is where you'll find all the latest in-depth coverage and analysis of the video game industry, as well as post retrospectives on classics, and monthly themed pieces highlighting beloved franchises or developers.

Walking Within Visions of Gothic and Cosmic Horror in ‘Bloodborne’

Via visual storytelling, Bloodborne writes the perfect epitaph for the world in which you now hunt; a world that is not yet dead but is instead in the process of dying.
Final Fantasy IX

‘Final Fantasy IX’ is an Often Overlooked Classic

It seems like Final Fantasy IX was destined to be overlooked right from the outset. The game was released for the original PlayStation after the PlayStation 2 was out and selling like warm buns, and the high fantasy setting was in stark contrast to the popular cyber-punk and more realistic settings of FFVII and VIII (two of the best selling entries in the whole series).

Top 10 Games with Writer, Brent Middleton

Get to know our writers on a more personal level with their Top 10 Games lists. This time, writer Brent Middleton gushes about his faves.

‘Doom’, ‘Wolfenstein ll’, and What This Means for the Switch

What does Doom and Wolfenstein II mean for third-party support for the Nintendo Switch?

‘Super Mario 64’ Level by Level: Course 8 – Shifting Sand Land

With the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey being only the third Mario game in the same vein as Super Mario 64 (following Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine), it is high time to reexamine one of the evergreen staples of the video game canon.
generation two

Five Best ‘Pokémon’ Evolutions From Generation Two

With the re-release of Pokémon Gold and Silver on the 3DS on September 22, what were the five best evolutions of generation two?

‘Dark Souls III’ Echoes the Haunted Vision of a Dying World

There are few series that have such a signature look and feel as the Dark Souls franchise does. Each entry is brimming with haunting tales, grim...

‘Project Octopath Traveler’ Carries on the Legacy of 3D Functionality

When the Switch was fully revealed during its January event it became apparent it lacked two elements its predecessor, the 3DS, has.  The first is dual screen gaming, a feature players have grown accustomed to ever since the original DS’s launch back in 2004.

A Retrospective on Theme and Tone; ‘Rayman 2: The Great Escape’

If there ever was a title that could be described as an “unhidden-hidden gem”, it would be Rayman 2: The Great Escape. A retrospective.

The Imperfect Art of ‘No Man’s Sky’

Ultimately, in an effort to create its own, distinctive art style, Hello Games has ended up adopting something that’s dangerously close to crossing the line between stylish and kitschy.