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The 10 Most Important Shazam Moments (Part 2)

As we await the upcoming film, these are the best moments in history for Captain Marvel, aka Shazam.

The E3 Odyssey: My Personal Journey to Gaming’s Grandest Expo

As a young teenager, one of my dreams was to attend an E3 expo. After all, it is the ultimate gaming showcase where the...

‘Xenosaga’ Revisited, Part 3: Thus Spoke Zarathustra

With the abridged and anticipated close of the Xenosaga series on the horizon, the final volume had the unenviable position of wrapping up two games of plot, starting and completing its own arc, and cramming in the major beats of the remaining three planned volumes. As such, it is ultimately the most uneven and overstuffed of trilogy, but

E3 2017: Best in Show According to GS’ E3 Attendees

We've learned a lot through this year's experience and now know what to expect of 2018's E3. One aspect of E3 that we don't want to miss out on is highlighting the games, developers, and booths that stood out above the rest.

Marketing Games: A look back at Nintendo’s strangest commercials

  For decades now, Nintendo has had an enormous presence in the consumer electronics market. The Big N has also had a strange and complicated...

10 great puzzle games for the Wii U

While the Wii U's library isn't known for its abundance of certain genres, like RPGs or FPSs, one area that Nintendo's console has represented quite...
mario + rabbids

‘Mario + Rabbids’ Highlights the Popular Icon Mario has Become

Mario + Rabbids has shown Mario to be the pop icon he has become. Is Mario still the plucky plumber we thought he was?

6 Essential Changes for ‘Life is Strange 2’

Dontnod Entertainment has announced that they are working on a follow-up to the popular Pacific Northwest set teenage drama Life Is Strange. Development was announced very briefly in a video with the dev team stating “We are working on a new Life is Strange game, with the Life is Strange team, and we cannot wait to share more about this with you”.

‘Final Fantasy X’ and the End of 9999

Can you believe it? Final Fantasy X has officially reached its Quinceañera, which means if you were in high school when it was originally released, then, like...

No, Nintendo Doesn’t ‘Need’ Third Parties

The need for Nintendo to attract third parties has been severely overstated, given what niche the Switch is trying to fill in the console marketplace.