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Everybody likes lists, and Nintendo fans love lists about Nintendo. Here is where you find all of our lists.


200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 7) Switch and Play

We finish our countdown the 200 greatest Nintendo games released between 1978 and 2018.

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 6) – Touching is Good

We continue our countdown of the 200 greatest video games exclusive to Nintendo consoles. In this part we list all the games released between 2006 and 2010.

Top 5 Switch UI Changes We Need to See in 2018

The Switch has had a banner year in terms of games, but there are still some core UI changes that could be made. Here are our top 5 picks.

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 5) Get N or Get Out

The success of Nintendo's handhelds would inspire the latest generation of portable gaming, the Nintendo DS

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 4) Change the System

This era would become the interlude between different Nintendo approaches, which by the end, Nintendo would decide not to compete directly with its competitors.

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 3) – The Big N

How does anyone decide what the 200 greatest Nintendo games are? We here at Goomba Stomp have decided to put together a list of what we think are the 200 best and most influential games released exclusively to a Nintendo console.

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 2) – Play it Loud!

For our two-year anniversary, the Goomba Stomp crew has decided to compile a list of the 200 greatest games released exclusively for Nintendo consoles.

200 Best Nintendo Games (Part 1) Now You’re Playing With Power

Nintendo is celebrating what is arguably one of its greatest years in the company’s history and so what better way to celebrate Goomba Stomp’s Two Year anniversary than with a list of our 200 favourite games released exclusively on a Nintendo console.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’s’ Ten Most Difficult Moons

Most of the moons in Super Mario Odyssey are simple to find, but here are ten that pose quite the challenge.

Top 10 Games with Staff Writer, Carston Carasella

Video games have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember.  I grew up watching my father play them constantly, and that instilled a love for the hobby within me.  Since I could pick up a controller and comprehend colors on a screen I've been feeding this habit, and whether I'm a better man for it is yet to be seen.