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This Week in Gaming News: I’m Not Talking About Bowsette

Alex Aldridge
We’re well underway with the holiday gaming schedule, as this week saw the release of several big games – most notably Forza Horizon 4 and Mega Man 11. I’ve got them both, like them both, and highly recommend them both. With Black Ops 4, Soul Calibur 6 and Red Dead
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‘Castlevania: Rondo of Blood’ Ensured there Would be New Ground to Break

Renan Fontes
As far as classic Castlevania goes, Rondo of Blood is the apex of what can be done with the franchise. Every facet of its design contributes to crafting one of the tightest action-platformers in the genre. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood serves as a natural evolution of the series’ core concepts.
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Mega Man Game by Game: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Mega Man 3′

Alex Aldridge
With Mega Man 11 having released on October 2nd, the Blue Bomber is starring in his first core series game since 2010. Despite the countless spinoffs, nothing holds the hearts and minds of fans quite like the good old original series. To celebrate its return, I’m taking a gif-laden trip down
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Stephen King, David Lynch, & The Art That Inspired ‘Silent Hill’

John Cal McCormick
It is readily apparent almost immediately upon starting Silent Hill that rather than providing a steady supply of fleeting shocks, the game wants to deeply unsettle the player over a longer period of time.
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This Week in Gaming News: This Doesn’t Make Us Even

Alex Aldridge
There are many things in the video game world that make people angry. Luckily, they happen often enough to make a weekly news roundup a viable undertaking. In recent weeks, there have been two very specific instances that I myself have found particularly egregious. As of today, the companies responsible