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15 Years Later: ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ Gave Us One of Gaming’s Greatest Protagonists

Ricky D Fernandes
Michael Ancel's opus stands as one of gaming's best examples of characterization – an involving study of a girl searching, searching for answers, for belonging, for truth, for a foothold in life at a time when footholds are hard to find.
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Going Beyond Strong Women: Positive Female Representation in Gaming

Elizabeth Rico
As the gaming landscape continues to shift, there is a big push from players to include more women in prominent playable roles. Simply having female characters in the game is no longer good enough. Players want to see real women taking on whatever life throws at them. Diversifying gamings cast...
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What Lies Ahead for Tracer and ‘Overwatch’?

Justin Mellette
"Cheers, love! The cavalry's queer!" reads the title of a reddit post introducing the Overwatch comic "Reflections" that reveals Tracer is queer. While some male players noted the supposed loss of a character about whom they had fantasized, the response from the LGBTQ community has largely been one of triumph
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Top 10 Gender-Bending Women of the Millennium

Belinda Brock
Before the dawn of the new millennium, women in gaming were ample, though, generally only in appearance. Very few striking females in games were nurtured into full characters prior to 2002; though that is not to say that women are no longer being misrepresented as sex symbols with gigantic flotation
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How Ellie in ‘The Last of Us’ Challenges Tropes and Subverts Stereotypes

John Cal McCormick
(Note: There will be pretty serious spoilers for The Last of Us throughout this article. If you haven’t played it, I’d suggest you stop reading and play the game, because it really does deserve to be experienced as it was intended.) When Bioshock Infinite launched in 2013, there were some who...
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How ‘Her Story’ Changed the Way Women Are Defined in Gaming

Mike Worby
There’s a moment when you’re playing Her Story where you begin to really grasp the depth and scope of what its creator is attempting. For me, it came when I looked at the scattering of post-it notes stuck to my laptop and realized I still wasn’t sure at all where...
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Top 5 Females Who Transcend the Supporting Role

Matt De Azevedo
From Bayonetta to Lara Croft, there are a good amount of female leads in games who are strong, intelligent, and badass. Unfortunately, most female sidekicks tend to be nothing more than eye candy or comedic relief. However, every once and a while we see a fantastic supporting female, like Alyx...
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The Lack of Representation of Older Women in Games

Daniel Philion
There’s a notably absent feature in Xenoblade Chronicles X’s character creation system that demonstrates an ongoing trend in the gaming industry regarding female characters. No, it has nothing to do with not being able to customize your avatar’s breast size in the North American release. The issue instead relates to...
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Aya Kyogoku: Nintendo’s Rising Star and Secret Weapon

Ty Davidson
As gaming evolves and becomes a more socially acceptable hobby for women, the makeup of the design teams are subtly shifting as well; more women than ever are beginning to enter the industry and directly affect the way that companies create and produce video games. Of these women, the most...