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An In-Depth Interview with Jonas Kaerlev, Creator and Lead Developer of ‘A Hat in Time’

Kyle Rogacion
Disclaimer: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. A Hat in Time is the first game released by indie studio, Gears for Breakfast, but the collective background of the development team is impressive. Comprised of talented artists, programmers, ex-modders, and the like, the team represents a globe-spanning endeavor more than...
Indie Spotlight Spotlight

Devolver Just Trolled Their Way to the Top of E3

Andrew Vandersteen
Every year the inevitable discussion following the E3 conferences is who "won" the show. Thousands, or possibly millions, of gamers will tally the different presentations, weighing factors like showmanship, reveals, trailers, and demos to determine an overall winner, a point that will likely be argued until approximately the start of