Wednesday, March 21, 2018

‘Phantom Trigger’ — More Like Phantom Focus

Drawing inspiration from 'Hyper Light Drifter', 'Phantom Trigger' plays well enough but lacks the focus of its predecessor.

‘Machinarium’: An Individualistic Experience

We take a look back at what made 'Machinarium' a staple in indie gaming.

A Conversational Interview with YCJY, Indie Devs Behind ‘The Aquatic Adventure of the Last...

We got the chance to chat with developers behind 'The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human'- Christopher Andreasson and Josef Martinovsky of YCJY.

Devolver Just Trolled Their Way to the Top of E3

Every year the inevitable discussion following the E3 conferences is who "won" the show. Thousands, or possibly millions, of gamers will tally the different presentations, weighing factors like showmanship, reveals, trailers, and demos to determine an overall winner, a point that will likely be argued until approximately the start of next years E3.

10 Rad Games IndieCade is Showing Off at E3 This Year

E3 is right around the corner, and IndieCade is presenting a showcase of 30 projects from the top up-and-coming developers in the industry.
Yume Nikki

Remembering the Cult Classic ‘Yume Nikki’

First released in 2004, 'Yume Nikki' is a surreal dream exploration art game that became one of the most relevant RPG Maker titles ever made.

Year in Review — The Best Indie Games of 2016

2016 may not have been the best year, all things considered. It was a year of social upheaval, political frustration, and environmental catastrophe. Of unchecked corporate irresponsibility and the prospect of worse. Of loss.

Darkest Dungeon — The Torch is Still Lit

Darkest Dungeon Developed and Published by Red Hook Studios Available on PC (GOG, Steam), Mac, PS4, and PS Vita Darkest Dungeon isn't exactly new news at this point....

The Metronomicon DLC: Keeping the Music Alive

At its launch, The Metronomicon proved itself to be a ridiculously enjoyable experience, infusing elements of an RPG into the pure fun of a...