Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Here in Reviews, we play games so you don't have to! No, that's stupid. What we will do, however, is provide in-depth looks at and opinions on a variety of new releases, from triple-A titles to the many unique Nindies. Our reviewers will break down the pros and cons; the rest is up to you.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Captures the True Essence of the ‘Dragon Ball’ Franchise

Dragon Ball FighterZ brings the tournament arc home in a 3-on-3 format. It's beautiful anime visuals and catchy soundtrack capture the heart and essence of its anime source material.
Celeste Game

‘Celeste’: The Journey Truly is Greater than the Destination

It would be easy to write 'Celeste' off as simply another indie platformer with pixel art, this game is something truly special.

Deep Web: ‘Tangledeep’ Review

Aside from "Open World Survival Horror", few genres have been done to death more than the rogue-like, with randomly created worlds replacing crafted levels and promising greater length to a game with player death a constant threat.

Treadnauts Review: There’s a Party in My Tank and Everyone’s Exploding

A party game at first glance, Treadnauts has a surprising amount of depth. Topstitch has designed robustly competitive mechanics, while still ensuring the game can be accessible and fun.
lost sphear

‘Lost Sphear’ Review – A Jigsaw Missing Pieces

While Lost Sphear seems to tick a lot of boxes for the RPG genre, it feels like many of the pieces to complete the jigsaw are missing in the white void, therefore, never really gaining a personality of its own to become an enjoyable game.

‘Chromagun’ Just Doesn’t Color My World

"ChromaGun" review for the Nintendo Switch.
Floor Kids Review

‘Floor Kids’ Turns the Idea of the Rhythm Game on its Head, Making it...

What makes Floor Kids stand out amongst other games in the genre, however, is how it encourages players to express themselves whichever way they like.

Artfully Average: ‘Shu’ Review

The beauty of Shu's art and character design is undeniable, but does it play well enough to be considered a great platformer?

‘Beholder’ Captures the Essence of Big Brother

Beholder is the type of game that feels both far-fetched and familiar, holding up a mirror to our own world while still feeling distant. I questioned decisions I made, wondering whether or not I was as good a person as I thought I was, and felt overwhelmed at the task I was handed.

‘World to the West’ is a Journey With Too Many Stops Along the Way

'World to the West' contains some enjoyable puzzles and a colorful land to explore, but its character-swapping mechanic ultimately holds it back.