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‘The Walking Dead: The Final Season’ — Ep. 4.01, “Done Running” – A Whole New Apocalypse

Mike Worby
TWD has returned for its final chapter, and when it comes to The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the biggest shocks aren't in the story but in the massive overhaul to Telltale's engine.
Indie Reviews Reviews 6.0

‘Chasm’ Review – Making the Basic Metroidvania

Taylor Smith
Chasm Publisher: BitKid Developer: BitKid Reviewed On: PC It’s no stretch to say we’ve been in the retro-revival trend for the better half of a decade now. There have been plenty of good and bad examples of how to implement and rework old franchises with modern twists over the years,
Games Indies Reviews 7.0

‘Bomb Chicken’ – A Fun Little Platformer that Takes Inspiration from the Bomberman Series

Ricky D Fernandes
Bomb Chicken Released on PC and Nintendo Switch Developer: Nitrome Publisher: Nitrome Release: July 12, 2018 Reviewed on Switch Released on the Nintendo Switch (and later on PC), Bomb Chicken follows a seemingly ordinary chicken who after a freak accident becomes a bomb laying free range hero. Taking inspiration from