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Here in Reviews, we play games so you don't have to! No, that's stupid. What we will do, however, is provide in-depth looks at and opinions on a variety of new releases, from triple-A titles to the many unique Nindies. Our reviewers will break down the pros and cons; the rest is up to you.

‘Brigador’ — A Robo-Moshpit Simulator

Brigador Developed by Stellar Jockeys and Gausswerks Published by Stellar Jockeys Available on itch.io and Steam   Right from the start, Brigador oozes style and atmosphere. Everything bleeds gritty,...
Don't Starve Review Feature

Don’t Starve Together — A Giant Still Reigns

Don't Starve Together Developed and published by Klei Entertainment Platforms: PC (reviewed), Mac, Linux (via Steam)   Klei Entertainment released its immensely popular survival game Don't Starve for...

‘Undertale’ is a charming and unique revision of the RPG formula

Undertale made an impression on not only the indie scene but the entire video game world when it released last month. The result of a wildly successful campaign through Kickstarter which began two years ago, this revisionist take on the classic RPG was said to blend elements of Earthbound, Shin Megami Tensei and Touhou into an entirely originally packa

‘2064: Read Only Memories’ – Human Revolution in More Ways Than One

Technology has evolved dramatically in the last twenty-five years, allowing for advancements at faster rates than many could have ever dreamed of. On occasion, this progression has triggered questions about the boundaries of morality in the scientific world.

ABZÛ — Meditation and Water

ABZÛ Developed by Giant Squid Studios Published by 505 Games Available on Steam (reviewed), PS4 "Yes, as everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded forever." - Herman Melville, Moby...

‘Solitairica’ — Deftly Dealt

Solitairica Developed by Righteous Hammer Games Published by Righteous Hammer Games Available on PC (via Steam)   Interesting crossover games always intrigue me. I was incredibly curious (and briefly...

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Review: Lost In Space

Mass Effect: Andromeda isn't a bad game, per se, but it is one that feels from the opening moments to the last like a pale imitation of the popular trilogy of games that inspired it.

‘Until I Have You’ — Cyberpunk Platforming Panic

Until I Have You Developed by Wormwood Studios Published by Digital Tribe Available on PC (Steam—reviewed) Sometimes games do things you don't expect. Sometimes they have a great...

‘NBA 2K17’ is a slam dunk and the best sports game yet

NBA 2k17 is the latest entry in one of the most critically acclaimed video game series of all time -- a series that has...

Bargain Bin Reviews: ‘Temporal Temple’ is a rough gem

When people hear the words “bargain bin,” certain ideas tend to come to mind. They think cheap, they think old, and they think shitty. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Bargain bins can hold so much more than just the obsolete and rejected. Some of the best titles can go under the radar, completely unnoticed, because no one bothered to see past a silly price tag to realize that they had a hidden gem right under their noses.