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Here in Reviews, we play games so you don't have to! No, that's stupid. What we will do, however, is provide in-depth looks at and opinions on a variety of new releases, from triple-A titles to the many unique Nindies. Our reviewers will break down the pros and cons; the rest is up to you.

‘BlazBlue: Central Fiction’ Review – A Fantastic Fighting Finale

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Developer(s): Arc System Works, Project BB Team Publisher(s): Arc System Works (JP), Aksys Games (NA), PQube (EU) Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Release Date(s): October...

‘Wild Guns Reloaded’ Review – The Wild West Remastered

The original Wild Guns was released on the SNES over two decades ago; it’s become a bit of a cult hit, and hard copies of the game demand a pretty high price. Thankfully, Natsume has reprinted the game for the PlayStation 4 and re-titled it Wild Guns Reloaded.
blaster master zero

‘Blaster Master Zero’: A Blast from the Past

Hopefully this won’t be the last of the Blaster Master franchise, as it fits surprisingly well in the modern era.

‘FleetCOMM’ — Houston, We Have a Problem

FleetCOMM Developed Rogue Star Published by FleetCOMM Technologies LLC, Rogue Star Games   Calling the development of FleetCOMM troubled is like saying Trump's political platform has a few holes in...

‘Overwatch’ – distinctly unique and will keep players busy for a long, long time

The best shooters manage to skirt the line between being accessible for newcomers and deep enough for competitive play, without moving too far into...

‘Until I Have You’ — Cyberpunk Platforming Panic

Until I Have You Developed by Wormwood Studios Published by Digital Tribe Available on PC (Steam—reviewed) Sometimes games do things you don't expect. Sometimes they have a great...

‘Hyrule Warriors Legends’ is a Disappointing Gesture to Fans

Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS is a game that recreates the enjoyment of its Wii U predecessor but fails at representing the...

‘Batman The Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light’ Review

The first thing that stands out about the latest episode in Telltale's Batman series–titled City of Light–is that it immediately reacts to some big decisions that are made in the penultimate episode.

‘Mafia III’ Review – A Shadow No More

It can be difficult stepping out of the shadow of someone else, to carve one's own path and forge a unique identity. Like many of the open world games to be created post-GTA III, the Mafia series has always lingered in the colossal shadow of Grand Theft Auto, and has continuously strived to establish a niche of its own.

‘VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action’ – The afterlife in the year 207X

VA-11 Hall-A Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation Developer: Sukeban Games Publisher: Ysbryd Games Release Date: 21 Jun, 2016 Everyone needs to make a living, and there's no nobler profession than...