Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1996 Redux: ‘Tomb Raider’ — Open World Vs. Linearity

Amongst the many iconic franchises within gaming, Tomb Raider stands confidently amongst them. Fronted by the gun toting and treasure hunting obsessed heroine Lara Croft, the series has spanned over two decades (with Lara's very first adventure being unleashed upon the world in 1996).

The Wonderful Whimsy of Michel Ancel

Michel Ancel is a man that one may not know the name of, but many will certainly recognize his work. The French game developer, primarily known as the creator of the Rayman series, has brought a unique personality and charm to the world of video games.

Fantasia 2017: 20 Most Anticipated Films (PT. 1)

There are so many great films to see at the Fantasia Film Festival this year, so we've put together a list of our most anticipated films of the 21st edition.

How ‘Super Metroid’ Changed Everything in Gaming

It is something of a crime that the Metroid series has long been akin to the forgotten middle child of Nintendo’s family, the one that is oft ignored in favor of its too more prolific and popular siblings: Mario and Zelda.

What Happens When You Hit Level 40 in ‘Pokémon Go’?

We found out fairly recently, that a trainer's level in Pokémon Go currently caps at level 40, and its no easy ride getting there....
Ellie from The Last of Us

Forget the Sideshow, Give LGBT Characters the Spotlight

It's January 1st, 2016. Estonia legalises civil unions for same-sex couples. Three days later, an openly gay mayor is elected in deeply religious Salt...

Square Enix and the No Good, Very Bad, Achievements

Ever since the introduction of achievements by Microsoft back in 2005, this system of allowing gamers successes and triumphs to be shown off and...

Real World Benefits of ‘Pokemon’ Through The Years

When a game gains a lot of traction, there will almost always be an adversarial response. While there is an understandable concern for any...

‘Final Fantasy X’ and the End of 9999

Can you believe it? Final Fantasy X has officially reached its Quinceañera, which means if you were in high school when it was originally released, then, like...

A True Patriot: Examining the Ending of ‘Metal Gear Solid 3’

Metal Gear Solid 3 is an odd game; on the one hand, it opens up with a thirty minute faux-history lesson submerging players into...