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Similar but not the same: ‘Ocarina of Time’ vs ‘Majora’s Mask’

Guido Pellegrini
Ocarina of Time has such a soothing opening. Link is woken from his slumber by a hyperactive fairy named Navi who claims he’s been summoned by the Great Deku Tree. Still sleepy, the boy steps out of his treehouse into a bright and refreshing morning in Kokiri Forest, which is...
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This Week in Gaming News: Cowboys, Space Monkeys, Vampires and Cardboard

Alex Aldridge
Hello, newsaholics, and welcome to this week in gaming news, where I endeavour to scour the internet for a whole week and compile the best and most important pieces of gaming news so you don’t have to. Granted, you probably do this yourselves while you’re sat at work as bored...
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Games that Changed Our Lives: ‘Street Fighter II’ – Hanging at Arcades, Causing Trouble and Kicking Ass

Ricky D Fernandes
Day after day, Street Fighter II became more than a pass time – it became an obsession. I went from playing the game during my lunch breaks to after school – and on weekends, and at times even skipping class to practice my skills.
1996 Redux Features Headlines Spotlight

1996 Redux: ‘Tomb Raider’ — Open World Vs. Linearity

Harry Morris
Amongst the many iconic franchises within gaming, Tomb Raider stands confidently amongst them. Fronted by the gun toting and treasure hunting obsessed heroine Lara Croft, the series has spanned over two decades (with Lara's very first adventure being unleashed upon the world in 1996).