‘A Hat in Time’ Hits All the Right Notes to Become an Instant Classic

Gears for Breakfast has done a fantastic job of revisiting an old genre with a new, fresh perspective.

‘Yono and the Celestial Elephants’ Oddly Succeeds In Mixing Gameplay Simplicity With Philosophical Sophistication

Though the dichotomies of 'Yono and the Celestial Elephants' present a strange time, they also make for a very pleasant way to pass it.

Painful : ‘The Land of Pain’ Review

Alessandro Guzzo has attempted to create the latest game to do the horror legend of Lovecraft justice with 'The Land of Pain'.

‘Deemo’: A Harmonious Melody

Deemo has been ported to Nintendo Switch, and there has never been a better time to jump into this mesmerizing recital.

‘Freaking Meatbags’ Review: An Imperfect Organism

A comedic sci-fi strategy game that experiments with genres and mechanics, but is ultimately a jack of all trades. Enjoyable, unfocused and shallow.

‘Ruiner’ – A Brutal Cyberpunk Shooter Designed to Make You Suffer

"You are in Heaven. You’re here to kill the Boss. Do what I say if you want to live." You might feel like you’re in control, but in Ruiner you are the one being played.

Review: ‘Absolver’ – The Alchemist’s Punch

Absolver is a heavy hitter and as such, a lot of its punches are wild swings that miss their target. The ones that do connect, however, leave a lasting impression. A fantastic idea executed competently but, unfortunately, not much more than that.
super hydorah

‘Super Hydorah’: One of the Greatest Shoot-Em-Ups Ever Made

Locomalito has once again created an unforgettable experience that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

‘The Initiate’: Not a Room Worth Escaping

The Initiate attempts to blend interesting puzzles with a horror/mystery narrative, however, it fails on almost all accounts.

‘Reaching for Petals’ Loses its Grasp

Reaching for Petals is a gorgeous walking simulator with high aspirations. But does it reach its destination?