Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Treadnauts Review: There’s a Party in My Tank and Everyone’s Exploding

A party game at first glance, Treadnauts has a surprising amount of depth. Topstitch has designed robustly competitive mechanics, while still ensuring the game can be accessible and fun.

Artfully Average: ‘Shu’ Review

The beauty of Shu's art and character design is undeniable, but does it play well enough to be considered a great platformer?

‘Beholder’ Captures the Essence of Big Brother

Beholder is the type of game that feels both far-fetched and familiar, holding up a mirror to our own world while still feeling distant. I questioned decisions I made, wondering whether or not I was as good a person as I thought I was, and felt overwhelmed at the task I was handed.

‘World to the West’ is a Journey With Too Many Stops Along the Way

'World to the West' contains some enjoyable puzzles and a colorful land to explore, but its character-swapping mechanic ultimately holds it back.

Review: ‘Super Meat Boy’ on Nintendo Switch

How well does the legendary indie game, "Super Meat Boy", hold up on Nintendo Switch?

Lock the Doors: ‘Hello Neighbor’ Review

'Hello Neighbor' takes your childhood fears of your neighbor and attempts to re-create them. Is this a doorstep worth darkening, or a welcome package best left undelivered?

‘Battle Chef Brigade’ is a Wholesome Dish Chock-full of Fun

'Battle Chef Brigade' is an action-puzzler that captures the uniquely hectic creativity you can only find in the kitchen. Despite some technical hiccups and stilted presentation, the game shines as a gorgeously wholesome and frantic take on cooking.

‘Slay the Spire’ – Get Good or Have Fun Dying

Slay the Spire’ is an addictively challenging game that combines the best of deckbuilding and roguelike into one tight package.

‘Chess Ultra’ is an Immersive Must for Any Chess Fan

In an eShop of over 200 games of various genres, the classic strategic gameplay of Chess Ultra is a welcome addition to the spread.

Fear Transcends Cultural Boundaries in ‘Detention’

Detention Developer(s): RedCandleGames Publisher(s): RedCandleGames, Coconut Island Games, AGM PLAYISM Platform(s): PC, macOS, Linux, PS4 Reviewed on: PC Release date(s): January 13, 2017 (PC, macOS, Linux) / October 3,...