Ascended: ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’ is an Absolute Triumph of RPG Design

An absolute triumph of RPG design, and a sprawling, content filled game that's sure to enthrall any and all that dive into it. With great quests, satisfying combat, and intelligent systems that all feed into the flow of gameplay perfectly.

Introducing ‘Savior’, Cuba’s First Indie Game

Spirituality meets stack overflow in this gently existential platformer by two ambitious developers from Havana.  

14 Years Later, the Spirit of ‘Final Fantasy Tactics Advance’ Lives On In Canadian-Developed...

My tank is surrounded. Two knights flank him, and a spellcaster is perched on a nearby roof. I play out the next few turns...

Review: ‘Absolver’ – The Alchemist’s Punch

Absolver is a heavy hitter and as such, a lot of its punches are wild swings that miss their target. The ones that do connect, however, leave a lasting impression. A fantastic idea executed competently but, unfortunately, not much more than that.

The Real-Life Biotech in Bloober Team’s ‘Observer’

I recently had the opportunity to play Bloober Team’s latest game, Observer—a fantastic game for those who are interested in cyberpunk.

‘Sundered’ Creates a Beautiful Descent into Madness

Sundered beautifully melds genres and thematic styles to create a hauntingly wonderful world filled with danger and madness.

Indie Snippet: ‘3030 Deathwar Redux’ is a Double Edged Sword

'3030 Deathwar Redux' originally came out in 2007, but the newest release has an interesting problem.

‘The Initiate’: Not a Room Worth Escaping

The Initiate attempts to blend interesting puzzles with a horror/mystery narrative, however, it fails on almost all accounts.

‘Reaching for Petals’ Loses its Grasp

Reaching for Petals is a gorgeous walking simulator with high aspirations. But does it reach its destination?

How to turn ‘Animal Farm’ into a Video Game of Politics and Fairy-tales

Overall, adapting Orwell is no easy task, but it seems that the team at Animal Farm game are starting down the right lines for a faithful modernization and it’ll be exciting to see how the process develops.