Picking The Brains of Brain&Brain, The Indie Devs Behind ‘Burly Men at Sea’

Goomba Stomp got the opportunity to talk adventure and the gaming industry with Brooke and David Condolora, the married duo behind the acclaimed 'Burly Men at Sea'.

Indie Snippet: ’29’, the Abstract Moving Piece of Art

Under development, '29' is an abstract episodic game which follows Bo and Ao as they pack up their things and give their goodbyes.

‘Zero Time Dilemma’: A Hard Pill to Swallow

If you'd watched the trailer for Zero Time Dilemma, like I did before volunteering for this review, you could be forgiven for expecting something a bit different. 

Review: ‘THOTH’ Trades Substance for Style

THOTH’s fresh take on a classic genre is as refreshing as it is lackluster.  Stylish yet barren level design and an overall lack of meaningful content stop this twin-stick shooter from elevating itself to a truly great title.

‘Phantom Trigger’ — More Like Phantom Focus

Drawing inspiration from 'Hyper Light Drifter', 'Phantom Trigger' plays well enough but lacks the focus of its predecessor.
cursed castilla 3DS

Now that ‘Cursed Castilla’ is Available on Most Platforms, Which Version Should You Buy?

With this title, it’s not a matter of if you should buy it, but where.

‘Machinarium’: An Individualistic Experience

We take a look back at what made 'Machinarium' a staple in indie gaming.

A Pleasant Afternoon Playing ‘Solitune’

Some games like Abzu and Flower tread the line between being games and experiences. Solitune does the same with generally positive results.

The “Switch Tax” vs. The Switch Community

Where did the "Switch tax" come from? Why is it a thing? And how can both publishers and gamers make the best of it? You might be surprised.

A Conversational Interview with YCJY, Indie Devs Behind ‘The Aquatic Adventure of the Last...

We got the chance to chat with developers behind 'The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human'- Christopher Andreasson and Josef Martinovsky of YCJY.