‘Mr. Shifty’ combines teleportation with punching dudes for simple, satisfying fun

Though lacking in polished visuals and complexity of design, 'Mr. Shifty' still drives home the sheer pleasure of its teleportation-based combat, offering a satisfying way to spend a few hours punching bad guys in the face.
Yume Nikki

Remembering the Cult Classic ‘Yume Nikki’

First released in 2004, 'Yume Nikki' is a surreal dream exploration art game that became one of the most relevant RPG Maker titles ever made.

‘Old Time Hockey’ Review – High and Wide

It seems like rather than focusing on making a fun game, V7 put all their attention into finding ways to go against the typical sports game formula, and their success in that regard lends heavily to their game's failure.

Travel Log — ‘KIM’ Review

As more and more video games come out, the settings in which these games take place are inevitably going to get more and more obscure.

‘Flywrench’ Review – Joyous Success Born Through Successive Failure

Drifting through space, equal parts agile and fragile; victory consistently within grasp but failure always just one misstep away.

A Forgotten Indie Gem: ‘Zombie Night Terror’

Indie games are notorious for flying under the average consumer’s radar. Whether it’s due to a lack of marketing or an untimely release, many exciting experiences are left undiscovered by a potential fan. Such is the case for Zombie Night Terror, A 2D sidescrolling strategy game from developer NoClip.

‘Leaving Lyndow’ – How to Say Goodbye

After the 45 minutes I spent in the Eastshade universe, I became genuinely excited for the work to come from Eastshade Studios. To be able to be transported to another moment in my life because of the narrative of what is essentially a demo was surprising and refreshing. If Eastshade is able to successfully build upon the strong foundation of Leaving Lyndow, Eastshade Studios will certainly make quite the splash on the exploration scene.

On a Different Planescape: ‘Torment: Tides of Numenera’ Review

Torment: Tides of Numenera Developer(s): InXile Entertainment Publisher(s): Techland Platform(s): Pc, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4 Reviewed on: PC Release Date(s): February 28, 2017 Look up any "best RPGs of all time"...

Beat Down: ‘River City Ransom: Underground’

River City Ransom: Underground Developer(s): Conatus Creative Inc. Publisher(s): Conatus Creative Inc. Platform(s): Pc, Mac, Linux Release Date(s): February 27, 2017 Of all the genres of games, few have...

Shadows and Drugs: Our Chat With Compulsion Games’s Guillaume Provost

Compulsion Games is a studio known for their unconventional indie titles Contrast and We Happy Few. Based in Montreal, Canada, the studio was founded...