Subnautica Survival craft alien

‘Subnautica’: A Fresh Take on the Survival Craft Genre

What makes Subnautica unique however, is the elements of crafting put into a new world. In many survival games, you are put in a perilous position of having to look for food, shelter and avoid dangers as you try to survive. Now imagine this concept set on an alien planet.

‘2064: Read Only Memories’ – Human Revolution in More Ways Than One

Technology has evolved dramatically in the last twenty-five years, allowing for advancements at faster rates than many could have ever dreamed of. On occasion, this progression has triggered questions about the boundaries of morality in the scientific world.
The Silver Case

‘The Silver Case’: An Idiosyncratic Narrative

The name Suda51 brings many things to mind. The moniker of Goichi Suda, a video game director known for his idiosyncratic game design, the name "Suda51" brings many things to mind. His experiences have often been polarizing with audiences. For some, he's a gaming visionary, and for others, his games are much too obtuse to be enjoyed.

‘Automata Empire’ — How Simple is Too Simple?

A major theme that seems to have been present in recent game development history is that bigger is better. The phrase "open world" has been used more times than can be counted, single player games have received supplementary multiplayer modes, and side quest upon side quest has been added to make them seemingly never-ending.

Year in Review — The Best Indie Games of 2016

2016 may not have been the best year, all things considered. It was a year of social upheaval, political frustration, and environmental catastrophe. Of unchecked corporate irresponsibility and the prospect of worse. Of loss.

‘Maldita Castilla EX: Cursed Castilla’: Retro Brutality, Perfected

Retro-style games certainly aren’t rare in the world of indie titles. Old-school pixel art has become commonplace in modern game development, with titles like Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight being a few of the standout games.

‘Feist’: A Haunting Reminder of the Power of Love

This is the question posed by Feist, an action-platformer and the first game created by Swiss independent studio Bits & Beasts. The player takes on the character of a tiny, vulnerable "fur creature" on a desperate journey to rescue its mate from a pack of evil beasts.

‘One Night Stand’—Worth More Than One Night

There are certainly some exceptions, such as cult Atlus favorite Catherine or largely unknown indie tale Cibele, and some that straddle the line a bit by being lighthearted but real-feeling, such as Emma Kidwell’s Well This is Awkward, but One Night Stand is one of the best representations of the maturation of sex in games to date.

5 Games To Help You Understand ‘Westworld’

It seems all kids these days talk about is Westworld. Westworld this, Westworld that. HBO's hit TV series hooked audiences very early on and its season finale only served to remind us that it came to stay. And what are we supposed to do until the second season airs? Play video games? Actually, that might not be a bad idea.

‘Slayaway Camp’—Goofy, Goretastic, and Great

Slayaway Camp Developer: Blue Wizard Digital Publisher: Blue Wizard Digital Platform: PC (Steam) Slayaway Camp is a terrific combination of simple logic puzzles and 80’s cult slasher...